Posted by: Frank | 12/01/2011

Slammed by a LEFT WING NUT!

Recently i made the following comment on Huffington Post regarding Obama’s speech about extending tax cuts and campaigning with his hand out at the same time:

“The usual garbage from Obama, shake your hand while he stabs you in the back – people still falling for hit by handing over their hard earned cash… lol”

A left-wing NUT didn’t like what I said and posted the following:

“You know I’ve seen several comments from you on a few of the HuffPo threads and they all are snarky, petty and vindictive­. If you do not appreciate the life available to you in the USA, you do not feel the need for a social contract with you fellow citizens, and do not want to pay your share of the costs of living in a civilized society may I suggest Somalia, I hear it is lovely this time of year. Bon Voyage! ”

Evidently this individual is not familiar with our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

First of all, I seem to remember from somewhere that our country STILL allows FREE speech !  I advocate that, even from the LEFT!
I happen to live in a place where having an Anti Obama sticker on your car (I have eight) might lead to an argument where a person (this one a woman) who starts yelling at you because YOU DON’T LIKE OBAMA and telling you that you should be proud he was elected or having your car slammed by someones car door (yup it happened) or actually having someone rear-end you and drive away (yup, this to) or just flip you the BIRD just because you choose to exhibit your RIGHT to FREE SPEECH! How would that make YOU feel if the shoe was on the other foot?
I am PROUD to be “snarky” when it comes to politics and some of the Idiots that “we” continue to elect into the most important positions our country can offer. If my attitude invokes thought from the “left” or Democrats in general, I have done my job. Often I see posts by people who have absolutely NO CLUE what is happening to our own little piece of this planet. I do NOT like people of EITHER party that vote “party lines” for the sake of being a “good party member” it kinda reminds me of communism (past and present) and the way their leaders reacted to individual thoughts!
As for “petty and vindictive” not as a rule but if you give me a reason or act REAL stupid I will go for it!
I have “paid my share of costs of living” for more years that you have been alive most likely and am sick and tired of seeing my hard-earned money blow away by Democrats whenever they get the itch to buy some votes.
I get tired of the legislators voting themselves pay raises and benefits when the rest of the country is in dire straights. I get tired of the crooks in our top offices getting away with everything from steeling from the public to Murder THEN GETTING RE-ELECTED BY THE DISTRICTS THAT THEY JUST STOLE MILLIONS OF TAXPAYER DOLLARS TO BUILD BRIDGES TO NOWHERE !
Often I do not condone what either side of our political process is doing and when I vote I voice that opinion. Does my vote actually do anything? It might – but my VOICE certainly does!
When i speak i speak from the Heart! Am I always right? NOPE!  BUT if i made just ONE person stop and think and look at the issues from a different angle then I accomplished something good because i know that person will spread his or her thoughts.
The woman I mentioned above did get ONE thing right – i AM proud that we elected a Black person to office as I will be proud when we elect a Woman! The problem is – WE ELECTED THE WRONG BLACK PERSON!  Plain and simple!!
Aloha from “Obama’s home State” lol


  1. There were Democrats there shilling for their man in rearguard defense, but if Obama was mentioned it was mostly to make a demand.

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