Posted by: Frank | 12/13/2011

How To Take Back America!

Well, let me start this by saying – your guess is as good as mine! BUT, I do have an idea. I’ll share it here and you figure out how to make it work – how does that sound?

The way a LOT of us see it is that the FAR Left and the FAR Right – are totally clueless. Their ideas on how to fix things are just about worthless AND at opposite ends of the spectrum. Neither wants to help the other make a success of fixing our government, they just want to do it THEIR way.

SO – Screw them! There are enough votes from those of us in the middle of the road to win any election if they/we just pull their/our  heads out of their/our butts and work together.

There are a couple of good guys out there that could do the job as President and more than enough to take over the House and Senate with ease.

The key to accomplishing this is – hold it – are you ready for this – here it is – TRUST! YUP, IT’S THAT SIMPLE!

The problem is developing that trust! The moderates have a natural tendency to distrust each other and elect the people we really need. We have to put away our differences and make some hard decisions. Do we vote for the “safe” guy or really try do make a serious change in how the government works?

We HAVE the ability to make the FAR left and FAR right shake in their boots at election time. Now YOU just have to figure out how to do it. How do you make the people opposite you, trust you? How do you know they will keep their promise if they tell you they will vote for the middle of the road candidate.

So my friends, here is your task if you choose to fix our government!

Figure out how to make a “Third Party Candidate” work for us all. How do we get people on both sides to make the move and do the right thing. How do we stop the mistrust we all have for “the other side”? How do we move the dead wood out of office and put in new blood.

Once this is done we need to take care of the next problem, we need term limits! We need to make sure no other legislators get into office and make a living of it. Max of 12 years and we boot them out and start over again.

If we did these two things we would be on the road quickly and permanently.

So, give me your plan to make this happen, lets get things moving!



  1. Frank I pretty much agree with all you’ve said. Now who do we take a chance on, since as you know this is all a gamble. They all say things they think we want to hear until we put them in office. Then they all seem to suffer from amnesia.

    For what they do for the American public, they’re paid way to much.
    They’ve been sticking it to us for so long I’ve forgotten what it’s like not to get screwed. If they had to live with the same benefits and perks we get, maybe they would actually do something to improve the way they deal with the problems of this country. In fact if they had to live under the same conditions the poor and middle class live under from the start, we wouldn’t be in this mess.

    The President can only serve two terms. Why should it be any different for the congress? Eliminate all lobbying except what will benefit the whole country. They need to go through performance evaluations, bad performance no raises, good performance 3% raise. Starting pay would be 50,000 dollars, And that’s being generous. Earn your vacation and sick leave in the same manner the rest of us do. They would have a probation period of one year. If they can’t do the job, they get a pink slip.

    You may not agree with me on who I will vote for, but that’s what freedom of choice is all about. I’ll be voting for Ron Paul, because right or wrong about his policies, he’s the most truthful one out there. The rest of them are phonies, and only say what we want to hear. He’s been consistent with his plan for this country from the beginning of his career in politics. Win or lose he’s never wavered from from his convictions, and he works within the laws of the constitution. What have we got to lose, that we’re sure to lose anyway with all the other clowns up there. That’s a rap for now.

    Glad to hear you’re loving the Big Island, I was born in O’okala and off and on lived in Hawaii for 30 years of my life. My final resting place will be in beautiful Waimea. Take Care, Jim

    • Great to hear from you Jim! I agree with you than we need to do something about congress and hitting them in the pocketbook would be my first choice. We do know that one reason they get the $$ they do is to support a “second home” while they are in DC. Many actually share residents to cut down on their costs.

      As I have stated MANY times, i advocate TERM LIMITS whenever i write or talk with people. I think it could become real if we put prospective candidates feet to the fire when they declare their bid for office – get them to sign an agreement that they will push for limits starting in their second year in office OR ELSE ONE TERM AND OUT! No perks or benefits when they leave office. And we need to do something about these fantastic retirement plans they take with them.

      Yes, lobbying is a real pain but i think if we just did away with the ex-legislators being able to lobby that would cut way down on our problems.

      As for your vote – I agree with you 100% and i do NOT advocate anyone if i can help it but I do avoid the Third Party candidate as a rule because they only hurt the Republicans. We all know the Dems are fiercely loyal to what ever person they push regardless of lack of qualifications and liberals are easily swayed – usually left, oft times Republicans will go for the third party guy who could easily be the best choice but doesn’t stand a chance.

      Yup, the Big Island is the place for us. It will be a great resting place…
      keep in touch,
      aloha – frank

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