Posted by: Frank | 12/16/2011

Obama – The Greatest of them ALL!

This is NOT a News Alert, this is a simple statement of fact that you all know – even if you choose to ignore it.

When people bring up Obama as a subject, they see his flashing smile, his good posture, his well dressed frame – and those REALLY paying attention see the WORLDS BEST CON ARTIST!

And, that he is – he has earned this title throughout his political career and continues to carry it well to this day. He could likely CON his way to a second term. Those of you reading this – that like Obama – no doubt scoff at my claim but take a moment to read further.

Con Artist by definition:

1.  “A good actor, male or female, who disarms the victim with a Nice Guy approach.  The con artist is seldom violent, but is very mobile with a good sense of timing.”

2.  “A person adept at lying, cajolery (To persuade by flattery, gentle pleading, or insincere language), or glib self-serving talk.”

Those are JUST two definitions and they fit our President perfectly.  In future publications, they may list him as a perfect example of the term.

I know, when has he lied? My answer – if you don’t know – GOGGLE it – you will be surprised and with out a doubt if you like him you will ignore the facts. If you don’t like him, this will help justify what is being said about him.

If you have read this far then here is another fact that should NOT be a surprise:

A politician.
Most Democrats and Republicans on Capital Hill are Con Artists joined at the hip, making secret deals behind closed doors in order to subjugate “We the People” while enriching themselves in the process.
What makes Obama the Greatest and MOST DANGEROUS of all time is the simple fact that he is able to CON both sides of the Isle! He has conned his way to the most powerful office in the world with lies and half-truths that people just seem to ignore – a friend of mine saying – “they all lie, what’s the big deal”?
The big deal is that my FRIEND is a strong Republican and HE VOTED for Obama because he BELIEVED the garbage the man was selling. He MIGHT actually vote for him again! Their lies the danger!
Many of the worlds countries do not trust him and keep their distance when he ‘suggests’ things to make our ties with them stronger. Few (if any) have given unconditional support to his ideas. Could it be they sense something that the American public ignores?
People that actually like and support ‘the man’ have come up with all kinds of lists of the great things he’s done since he’s been in office. A worthless list because his negative effect on America and it’s people has done more to harm our way of life than any man in the History of the United States. How can we even venture a guess as to what more harm he will rain upon us if he is elected to a second term.
If you have your eyes open, you will hope that someone steps forward that will wrestle the reigns of power from this CON ARTIST before he does more damage.
2012 Be Aware!  Fire them ALL!

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