Posted by: Frank | 12/19/2011

SOOOO, How many jobs are REALLY being CREATED?

Time has flown, the election is over and nobody cares about the job rate anymore. I have yet to actually CONFIRM my claims here. It is amazing how deeply this information is hidden. Is it on purpose or just the way our government works? I have gone a step further, I sent an email to “FactCheck” and asked them the same questions I posted here. They have not responded and I don’t expect them to, seems that only certain things excite them, this wasn’t one. It amazes me just how many people go out of their way to support Obama and his lies…  Aloha

In the mean time, if you do a Google search you can easily find supporting facts to let you know that between 6,000 to 10,000 people are retiring every day!

Since I, for one, do NOT believe everything I hear, google to the rescue!

Google tells us that 6,000 to 10,000 people are retiring every day…. So, let’s take the MIDDLE, 8.000 people retiring every day. In an attempt to be fair, we will deduct the weekends, assuming people don’t retire on Sat and Sun so now we multiply that times 261 (week days) and come up with 2,088,000 people leaving the work force and their jobs each year. REMEMBER THIS NUMBER!

The Obama/Pelosi gang CLAIM to have “created” over 2 million jobs during the first two years he’d been in office. Anyone that has been paying attention knows this is not true but just to clear up the facts, here is a link that you can check the numbers for yourself. Please read THE WHOLE THING before you go saying “yahoo, Pelosi is right”, there are a LOT of facts on this link. (When you read it pay close attention to the way she came up with her numbers – some good for Obama, some not so good but she paints only the good – no surprise that Pelosi would push the Obama side.)

Now that you’ve got these two pieces of information to work with, let’s think about it just a TAD!  On one hand we have over 2 million people retiring, on the other hand we have a “job creation” of 2 million jobs. OK, lets assume a third of the jobs (689040)  left open by the retired are no longer available, the position has gone away. The rest, (1,398,960) need to be filled by new workers (unemployed?).

So, my question to you is, HOW MANY ACTUAL JOBS WERE “CREATED”, how many just filled after people retired – in case you don’t know, that is NOT creating a job! I’m sure both sides would skew the numbers if they could so it’s not much of a surprise but there is still the question. So, is unemployment “going down” because of “NEW” jobs or OLD jobs being filled by out of work persons? You may WANT to say it’s the same thing -BZZZZZ – it’s NOT.

Once we subtract the people who have quit looking for work, we end up with a negative number that the Obama gang should NOT be bragging about. Check that out AND if we use the REAL unemployed rate of 16.2% (see attached link) things aren’t quite so rosy for the Obama fan club.

So, what do YOU think? Is the Obama Gang blowing smoke up our butts again (as usual) or what? Find me facts to show us all that these numbers don’t work, would love to have them available.

>>>  Since I first posted this I’ve had a chance to do some more checking and found that the Government (BLS)  does in fact throw all the positions opened up by retired people into a ‘pool’ referred to as “other”.  It doesn’t take a genius to work the numbers and come up with about 108K jobs PER MONTH that are actually opened up by retirees. So, feel free to subtract this number from the “jobs” that Obama and his Gang imply they are creating each month. Just to make things easier for you, that comes out to about  1.3 Million jobs a year that the Obama Administration has NOTHING to do with.  Here is a link where you can check some of the numbers – it’s NOT easy to follow:

A month before the election people still seemed to care about Unemployment and the Economy yet they elected Obama again even with the bad numbers proving he was doing a terrible job! What was the logic? Anyone think this election was rigged from the start and Mitt never had a chance? How can EVERYONE that predicted an Obama loss have been so wrong?

For the record, it would not make any difference if it was “left” or “right”, the numbers don’t lie!



  1. Nancy Pelosi is ultimately responsible for making sure a candidate meets all the presidential requirements.

  2. I have to agree. I was watching TV this evening and saw the same ad about the people who are supposedly “retiring”….my question was , if that is true, where are the jobs? I have been out of work for about 18 months, through no fault of my own……..but I live in Nebraska where they claim unemployment is low….unfortunately for a middle aged woman with an accounting degree, thhe competition here is unbelievabe! So my question is WHERE are the jobs?!! I hate being out of work and I have been putting an effort forth to find new employment…..but it hasn’t happened yet. I guess they count cows here in Nebraska to come up with that low rate because it really isn’t true.

    • Carie, It feels so good when I see someone, anyone is actually paying attention out there! I hope your job search works out, i am lucky that i was forced into retirement early by “Age Discrimination”! Anywho, I am still searching for answers and running into stone walls, it is frustrating but i am one thick skulled person, gotta keep looking. Best of luck! Aloha – Frank

  3. An update:

    Since I posted this I have written to two newspapers, one local, one in CA that I am familiar with and two congressmen as well as googling until my brain is almost frozen. I have thus far been ignored for one reason or another.

    It would be nice to get an answer and be able to know the truth before the election gets rolling for real!

  4. I highly recommend going to John Mauldin’s website and reading his latest “Thoughts from the Frontline” titled Debt Be Not Proud. It has a good section on unemployment calculations. Mauldin is an economist and deals primarily with what the numbers tell him. He paints a very somber picture regarding the US debt situation.

  5. Wow, fantastic blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is excellent, as well as the content!. Thanks For Your article about SOOOO, How many jobs are REALLY being CREATED? FrankD'sBlog .

    • I don’t think ANYONE really knows how many jobs are being created. I did finally get a response to one of my queries and was told that YES the jobs opened by retiring ‘baby boomers’ are counted as ‘new jobs’! With that tidbit I would say NOT MANY REAL jobs have been created in the last four years.

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