Posted by: Frank | 12/20/2011

A Genuine Need for TERM LIMITS!


Hawaii’s legislators are “back at work” and now is a good time for them to consider term limits. We have two new Senators, neither of which have a real record of doing anything productive, one is one of the worst politicians Hawaii has produced. Passing a bill to limit terms would be an improvement on what’s happened with Hawaiian legislators in the past.

If anyone wonders why myself and a LOT of other people advocate TERM LIMITS NOW, just take a gaze at this link:

To make things simple – in the last 60 YEARS we’ve had 94 (that’s 94) legislators serve (house/senate) 36 YEARS OR MORE! The longest – R. Bird(D) was over 57 (yes 57) years and he had a very interesting History – one of the DEMOCRATS  that was NOT fond of Rights for Blacks in his early years – feel free to read up on him here ( 

**We still have 14 (fourteen) active members with over 36 years in office!

The number recently changed with the death of Dan Inouye from Hawaii. Dan started out with his head and heart in the right place – over the years he became a typical power hungry politician that let money and power control his actions. His replacement is welcome even though she is one of the most ignorant politicians now in the Senate!!

I think anyone out there that reads this (even if you don’t agree with me on many things) realizes that we – as a country – have some serious problems!

I, as an individual that pays more than a little attention to politics, am telling you ALL that I believe that having “lifers” in our legislature is NOT a good thing for AMERICA!

If these individuals don’t have the common sense to quit and let some new blood take over, we need to take care of the action for them. How many times do we need to see people working crossword puzzles, sleeping, voting “present” or not showing up for a vote because they are having sex in the broom closet or DYING in office (as Dan recently did) before we say enough is enough.

I don’t think most of these people start out with the intention  of becoming crooks, stealing from the very people who elect them and the public in general but after a few years they get the feel of power in their blood and forget what they were hired for! How many of these individuals leave office broke? How many leave the office rich? How long are the American public going to put up with the crooks THEY put in office?

My thoughts would be that a MAXIMUM of 16 years in Congress, total time, House and/or Senate! This would allow people to enter our government with a plan and prompt them to work harder to carry it out in the time they have. Although I really don’t think we NEED to have senior congress persons this would be plenty of time for people to work up to ‘senior’ positions. Obviously this would have to be phased in so not everyone was on the same rotation. I do NOT have all the answers, someone might have a better idea but right now, that’s the only thing in my think tank!

Regardless if you are LEFT or RIGHT you should be seriously thinking about term limits and what you can do to force your legislators to pass a bill to add the “Term limit amendment” ASAP!

It is time for some REAL change to the way we do things in government!


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