Posted by: Frank | 12/28/2011

What I think about OWS folks

OK – I admit it, I am NOT a fan of “occupy” people.  I KNOW this is a shock to those of you that know me but it’s a fact – lol!!

For the most part these people seem to be clueless left wing radicals that are easily provoked into doing whatever some strong willed nutcase can talk them into because they bored and often jealous of the Tea-Party success.

This (OCW) is their way of venting their frustrations about being ignored by the very people that are now provoking them, their left wing friends and the Democrat Party. The mindless demonstrations and violence brings them lots of attention but likely not the kind of attention they really want!

If they want to draw the right attention towards their plight, quit using their fancy electronics while being interviewed, don’t make stupid remarks “I quit my job so I could come down here and protest about not having a job” or when asked “what do you want to take the place of Wall Street” don’t respond, “umm, errrr, oh, I don’t know, something better.”

Don’t admit you have absolutely no idea what you are doing! If they aren’t happy then they should hide all their cash in their mattress and cash out all their investments (Can’t have stock now can we) AND move to some place WAY off the grid or maybe some of the “1%” that happen to be liberal or Democrats will take you in as a dependent. Is that gonna happen? NOT!

One of the more insane things we hear about is people Like Michael Moore (conning Americans out of millions of dollars with his left leaning movies) Obama (years of lying to the public in general) and Pelosi (“just pass it, you can read it later”) actually supporting these jokers.

Just a few of the MANY Democrats/Liberals that profess to care but ARE IN FACT AMONG THE 1% claim to agree with their thoughts and ideas but how many of them are providing food, money or anything else to these misguided people. It seems that Hypocrites abound among the liberals of America.

This “tune” was provided by another Non-supporter of the OWS that I met on one of the Huffington Blogs: 

Here’s a lovely Christmas song for all you Occupiers out there…..­…
Get a Job, You Bum, Bum Bum Bummmmmmm.­…..
You Need to Pay Some Tax, You Bum, Bum Bum Bummmmm…­………
I’m Tired of Paying For You, You Bum, Bum Bum Bummmmms…­………

I know we are having problems but having violent protests (something the Tea Party did NOT do) does not give answers to those problems. Time for the OWS folks to go home, get jobs, collect their wellfare checks and think about voting come November 2012 – don’t blame the Dems OR the Repubs – BLAME THEM ALL – FIRE THEM AND START OVER!


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