Posted by: Frank | 01/02/2012

A Holiday Around Obama

The FACT is – wherever you have a President of these United States pay a visit, things get testy! So that said, I am ‘picking on’ Obama because he vacations on our Island(s). Since I don’t like him, it’s an easy task!

We all know there are a LOT of misguided people out there that like our current Pres – what’s his name….  (I should know this but he’s seldom in Washington, where he’s paid to be, so it’s hard to associated the Man with the OFFICE!)

BUT if you were on Oahu and were a cop, security service or Marine that got stuck with the “duty” watching over him while he was playing golf on Christmas Eve , just how much LOVE would you have? There were a LOT of unhappy families this year as Mr. Care About Myself More, took his time chasing a ball around the course with a bunch of his rich buddies.

He was seen golfing with some familiar names: Eric Whitaker (Tie to Tony Rezko ), Mike Ramos (businessman), Greg Orme (mega fund-raiser for Obama) , Bobby Titcomb (friend arrested in Honolulu on suspicion of soliciting a prostitute), Sam Kass (Chef), and Marvin Nicholson( friend arrested earlier this year on charges of suspicion of soliciting a prostitute)

Very thoughtful guy isn’t he?!? Typical way he looks at Americans – they are here to serve…  Isn’t it supposed to be the other way around…  lol

People continue to rag on FOX about their reporting. I googled the story for some facts, found 190 words on MSNBC, no interviews with people affected by the added security in the area. KITV on Hawaii had a brief mention also.  FOX had over 400 words but didn’t mention anything about the people effected. It took a reporter “outside”, Ed Morrissey, to ask questions and he got the following replies:

    “Because he’s here, I didn’t get to see my husband all  weekend, on our baby girl’s first Christmas, so he can have his vacation. So  when I can’t get to my house because he wants to play golf it just adds insult  to injury and yeah, gets on my nerves. I agree that it’s a sensitive subject for  some of us who are more [a]ffected by his being here.” …
    I was so angry! They blocked off my driveway… -_-”
    “It takes him forever to play too because he isn’t good  at it either lol!”

As usual, Obama puts his own “needs” ahead of everything and anybody else. Again you may have guessed that i am NOT a fan of this Prez – If I had been on duty for his Tee Time I would have been bitching the whole time – ur right, it’s not “professional” of a serviceman to complain and most don’t when the duty they are requested to perform is something they can feel good about! Blocking traffic so THIS president can play golf doesn’t come under that.

I KNOW, this is not showing ‘respect’ for our Prez – guess what, in my eyes the man has yet to earn it!

***  As a side note, Because I no longer have respect for our current President (Obama – in case you have doubts)  I have been accused of being a “Racist” ( the doctrine that a certain human race is superior to any or all others) & at times a “Bigot” (a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed , belief, or opinion). 

I am PROUD to say that I am neither!

Disliking the ‘man’ or the group of people that support him doesn’t make ANYONE either of those things. What it DOES say is that I/we have an OPINION – that may or may not make lefties feel good but which is MY RIGHT to express in our country today.


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