Posted by: Frank | 01/11/2012

Michelle Obama & PTSD

The Obama gang has proven themselves the MASTER of political and public manipulation. Their little Headline trick in New Hampshire on Tuesday exemplifies that. Mostly they wanted to get some attention and they have money to throw away so why not.
They have shown us they will pull NO punches to get their Man elected (or re-elected as the case may be) and if you follow the news at all we are seeing it daily.
In today’s news we see that Michell Obama has taken an “active interest” in one of the major problems confronting our Military returning from War – PTSD!  While I find that a good thing on one hand I wonder – more than a little – about the timing.
First – My hat is off (if i wore one) for ANY attention to this IMPORTANT issue!
BUT – you may have noticed “There is no new funding associated with the initiative” then the LAST sentence:
“The first lady will also headline fundraiser’s in Richmond and Charlottesville, Va., on Wednesday to raise money for the Democratic National Committee and President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign.”
Great timing for this announcement so MY question – is this JUST ANOTHER PLOY TO MAKE IT LOOK LIKE THEY CARE AND GET VOTES for November?
For my friends on the LEFT – be honest – 10 years of WAR and 10 MONTHS before a Major election when they/she come up with this “initiative”?  Aren’t you the LEAST bit suspicious?
This, their latest gig – in my opinion – is taking a serious problem and making a game of it. The idea that the First Lady is letting herself be part of this is somewhat sad even if it is her “job” to stand by the Prez and help him in his goal to continue his destruction of America!


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