Posted by: Frank | 01/24/2012


When did this happen?!   Obama a Republican! What will his “BASE” do now? They can’t vote for him, it would be against everything they believe in! What will the LEFT WING NUTS do to sabotage his campaign now that he has switched sides? Is it Constitutional to have two people from the same party running for president? What is happening to our country?!?!?

Todays West Hawaii Today (and other newspapers across America) the were talking about the advance information on Obama’s WILD State of the Union address and had the following (“from his speech”):

“Building a country and an economy where we reward hard work and responsibility, where everyone does their fair share, and where everyone is held accountable for what they do!”

If THAT doesn’t prove he is switching parties, try this on for size:

He proposes, “aiding manufacturing, helping energy production and use, improving skills for workers and stressing ‘American Values!”

My God, the man is insane! He’s given in to the “1%” (which includes a LOT of Liberals) ! The left-wing nuts that support him are going to go off the deep end big time! There will likely be calls for IMPEACHMENT within minutes of his speech ending!

HOW CAN THIS BE HAPPENING? How can a dizzy Dem that has totally failed in his job for Three YEARS, suddenly Switch sides? Does he think we (the Right) will actually VOTE for him if he pretends to care about what our beliefs are?

The Man needs to be institutionalized as soon as possible – move Bidden into office quickly before Obama goes ballistic and doesn something even more rash (not much chance of him being elected President)!

For once “we the people” are on your side! IT’S TIME YOU LEFT WING NUTS! Stand up for your rights of having the Government control everything you do or think, Stand up for the right to have your hands out for TAXPAYER Money, Stand up for being unemployed and not looking for work, Stand up for your “RIGHT” of having a FREE Government sponsored free ride!


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