Posted by: Frank | 02/01/2012

Clueless or Just Plain Stupid?

When we listen to the various people take pokes and Romney, we should pay close attention to who is saying it and what they may or may not gain from the remarks.

When it comes to equity funds, Obama may have some private equity questions of his own to answer, having both taken donations from the industry and appointed a number of private equity veterans to his administration. The most prominent among them is Jack Lew, the new White House chief of staff, who was previously a managing director at Citi Alternative Investments. Nancy-Ann DeParle, a deputy chief of staff who helped lead the president’s health care reform effort, was a managing director at CCMP Capital.

According to the Obama for America organization, which paid for the pamphlet, Mr. Obama is responsible for “an economic recovery program [that] supported as many as 3.6 million jobs by cutting taxes, investing in clean energy, roads and bridges, keeping teachers in classrooms, and protecting unemployment benefits.” Those claims were made under the heading “Job Creation.”

We have already discovered this “job creation” was just a little exaggerated and they have yet to answer the simple question: “are they counting the daily 6K workers that are retiring?” If they are you can subtract 2.2 million from the “jobs created” list which means they are doing a crappy job!

We have noticed one thing of late and that is our friend Romney should NOT talk to live audiences. He gets excited and says things that can be taken the wrong way and the news media just loves it!

Time will tell but to my way of thinking, Obama should NOT cast stones if he continues to live in a glass house!

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