Posted by: Frank | 02/21/2012

Our President using the “Race Card”

OK, you all know – if you’ve read any of my blogs – that I do NOT like Obama, haven’t since I first heard his name and found out that this “Organizer” thought he had what it takes to be in our highest office. That Opinion has NOT changed. If anything it has gotten worst!

His latest video targeting his “African-American roots” leads ME to believe this man is doing more harm to our country than I ever thought possible. We’ve all known from the beginning that many Americans voted for Obama BECAUSE of his skin color, not because they actually believed he was qualified for such a high office. If you are living in a different fantasy, feel free to check out almost any of the left-wing blogs and you will soon awaken to the FACTS!

If you watch the video and DON’T think he is being just a TAD Racist I’d be interested in hearing from you…

If this doesn’t convince you that he is trying to divide America in his effort to once more slither his way into the White House, just pay a visit to his Web Site and check the top buttons.  Here he has divided us into “Groups” of which there is ONE conspicuously missing! Where is the Group called  –  “White Americans”?

I don’t know about YOU but I fill our a LOT of surveys for various products, businesses, etc and there is almost ALWAYS a group labeled “caucasian/white” or something to that effect.

How are we supposed to feel about this President? Many Americans think Obama is a Racist, with what we’ve been seeing lately I am inclined to believe that what Americans think is true.

And, taking a small side trip. If you believe in our Constitution you believe in America – My Opinion!  When I hear and watch Obama I am NOT always sure he even knows we have a Constitution. He acts more like a “KING” and we are his ‘subjects’ – there for his pleasure – think about it..

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