Posted by: Frank | 03/26/2012

Obama & “The Left”, Just My Opinion

How many things about this President have people asking questions? Here are some of mine and what may or may NOT be answers:

1.) Often we hear from “birthers” that there is doubt as to weither Obama was born in the United States.  I admit, even I had my doubts and his latest release of a Birth Certificate after three years of ignoring requests makes many people wonder WHY it took so long. Of course the controversy surrounding the new document hasn’t made things any easier. The problem many people have is that the people verifying that it is authentic are Dem patsies.. Hard to trust them… The fact remains, life goes on and for the time being, we are stuck with Obama.

2.) When it comes to voting, the Left is always touting that requiring a photo ID will hurt the poor and elderly. Instead of wasting time and money on stopping or arguing against this, they should throw their money into getting them photo ID’s.

3.) From time to time Obama comes up with things to distract the American public from what is actually happening under his Administration. Case in point – Trayvon Martin – Why is he even commenting on this tragic shooting?

There are so many murders in our country, why does he pick the killing of a Black Boy and make the rediculous comment “If I had a son, he’d look like Trayvon,”  when the investigation into it has hardly begun? Is this just another one of his campaign moves to insure the Black vote? Kinda sounds like it AND looks like it, if it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, it’s likely a duck! As usual quite typical of this President.

4.) You don’t have to look very far to find someone in the Obama Administration, Obama being first and foremost, blaming Bush and His administration for almost everything except the shortage of toilet paper! The Obama admistration is NOT the Administration of “CAN” if’t proven time and again that they CAN’T!

If you don’t know what my thoughts are by now, here are just a few things I have said over and over again, not going to change how i feel!
a.)  I’m all FOR the Military
b.).  I’m FOR a womans right to choose
c.)  I DON’T like unions and think they are WAY to powerful, time to get them under control!
d.)  Canada is NOT doing excellent with socialized medicine – the people with the $$ to come to the States for medical treatment are doing fine but many are NOT happy (yes i’ve been there and talked to many people)
e.)  I don’t believe GOOD doctors are being paid enough AND hospitals overcharge too often.
f.)  Expensive NEW public trans in America is a waste.
g.)  SS – if i had never paid in i wouldn’t care about it but i had no choice so will collect as long and as much as I can.
h.)  I hate Medicare but “they” shove it down your throat at 65 so what choice do we have about this? 
i.)  I hate welfare, do NOT believe in it. Foodstamps are necessary now but should be controlled better. Free medical is a JOKE – there is NO SUCH THING – someone pays, usually TAXPAYERS.
j.)  i worked all my life, farm, military, private, small business. I EARNED what i have and am proud it. My wife and i donate time and $$ to MANY organizati­ons because we want to not because the Government or Liberals make us.
k.)  I STRONGLY believe you get from life what you put into it and those with nothing should NOT sit on their butts and cry. PACK UP AND GO TO THE JOBS – earn, don’t hold your hand out…
l.)  And finally – OWS people are idiots, thugs, nitwits. If it weren’t for big business there would be a LOT more

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