Posted by: Frank | 03/30/2012

Unions, Pension Plans, Health Care

We have been hearing for years that our Federal, State and Local Governments have a MAJOR problem when it comes to Pensions and Benefits.

Todays news once more made us aware of the fact!

Public Pensions underfunded by $4.4 TRILLION Dollars & Health Care benefits over $627 BILLION Dollars – BOTH numbers are up since 2009.

As the Supreme Court looks into Obamacare, other things regarding the long term costs of this bloated plan are floating to the surface.

If the Cities, States and Federal Governments don’t get their act together, once more our TAX dollars will have to bail them out and we won’t get that money back!

One of the BEST ideas out there is to have all employees become part of 401(k) plans – something both my wife and I participated in while working with each of our employers over the years. Neither of us was part of the company retirement plan and today we are reeping the benefits of our decision.

In todays world there is no doubt life is a struggle. If you are using your head, you know that you have to make some decisions for yourself BEFORE it’s too late. You won’t be young forever and retirement sneeks up on you.


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