Posted by: Frank | 04/05/2012

My Comments To Other Blogs

It is amazing how many people are willing to argue with anyone that doesn’t care for Obama.

Even though I listen to other people, it isn’t easy to NOT make a comment when they say something I think is REALLY stupid. I’m NOT perfect but I am realistic and try to be open-minded. As a point of interest I am listing a bunch of my recent comments to the Defenders of Obama:

This was in regards to one blog where everyone was calling ANTI Obama bloggers “Teabaggers” on most comments, my question to them:   Why do the people who post on these threads insist on calling ANYONE that doesn’t agree with them various names they dream up to imply they are part of the “Tea Party”?  Many of us Don’t like Obama, his Administration, the harm and division he is creating in our country or the lefties that support him.  That DOESN’T mean we have anything to do with the “far right” or the “Tea Party” it just means we flat DON’T LIKE HIM and see him for the con artist he is!
So – think you could keep you insults to yourself and appreciate the simple fact that we aren’t ALL under whelmed by Obama’s flashy smile and in-sincerity!
This one was a question answering a blogger that asked about Obama’s lies: 

“riddle” you just made a JOKE! Of yourself of course! Obviously you are one of the millions that ignore what is happening around you. If you paid ANY attention you would have noticed BY NOW that the past 4 years (yes, since he started campaigning) have been RIDDLED with lies and misinformation from the Obama gang, accompanied by mis-direction every time things start to hit to close to the truth. His Administration is a MASTER of smoke and mirrors – including the latest joke regarding the SC. He is setting himself up so that people will feel sorry for him if Obamacare is overturned (more votes) and if they don’t vote it down – he threatened the SC and they folded to the all-powerful Obama!
You just MIGHT want to pay attention before you vote for this clown again!
This was my answer to a young woman who implied I was a Racist just because i don’t like Obama:

Well “babe” you don’t know me, don’t know what I’m like, how i was brought up and what it takes for someone to EARN my respect. Think about “YOUR” President for a moment:   During his campaign and subsequent election he made more promises than any other candidate in history, all on the premise of “hope & change”. To date he’s kept ONE promise even with two years of control in the House and Senate and Obamacare is a train wreck that might end up bankrupting America.
So, it’s easy to conclude that He is EITHER the worlds biggest LIAR or JUST PLAIN STUPID! Take your pick.
Now he is trying ONCE MORE into conning Americans into thinking the big bad republicans messed up his plans. GOOD! He’s destroying US!    If you believe “color” plays a part, YOU might want to go talk to someone about YOUR issues.
This was my response to a blog post where i defended the Republicans and the birth control issue: 

The Obama GANG is once again playing the game of ‘smoke and mirrors’!
They (the Obama gang) know the easiest way to distract the American public from anything REAL Important is to provide something that will push them in a new direction.
The SMART money says he and his GANG are pulling something slick why everyone battles about the birth control issue.
The church groups COULD have just refused to comply with the new rules and let the Feds come after them.
The SMART money ALSO knows that his “change of direction” ie: saying the insurance providers will have to provide/pay is a JOKE that most of you are just ignoring. If the insurance companies “pick up the tab” WHO do you all think is going to end up paying for this new ‘perk’?  Santa Clause? Tooth Fairy? Easter Bunny?  OH – the AMERICAN TAXPAYER! UNLESS – out of the goodness of their hearts, the insurance companies don’t mind a cut in profits to provide this “free” service. Another JOKE!  I would BET that this was the goal of the Obama Gang all along – make it LOOK like they are giving something up so they can turn right around and help their buddies in the insurance industry raise their rates – AGAIN!
This was in response to a rather good post that shared many of my feelings: 

Good post – To answer your LAST question first – on my part, YES!  I do NOT like or trust Obama, haven’t from day one when he started lying about all the things HE would do, realizing that most Americans conveniently forget that the President is only ONE part of the law making process – thinking the American people would fall for his bull – sadly they did! He continues to spout his garbage, smiling brightly and saying what he thinks the people want to hear. The man has a “gift” and honesty ISN’T it!
I am NOT a far Right person and I DO make an attempt to be civil and only be snide or aggressive when attacked, which happens quite a bit.  Your response is the type that actually give me some hope that there are still some sane people out there, “right & left”.  Again, good post, perceptive!
This dialog was regarding our health care system, mainly Obamacare:
There is NO doubt that our health care system needs work – NOW! What I have trouble understanding is how the LEFT and RIGHT can be so far apart on what our congress can or can’t do as defined by OUR Constitution.
Why would ANY Sane person want the Federal Government to dominate our lives any more than it currently does.Various States argue this “expansion is unconstitutionally coercive” and as an adult that has watched our Federal Government move into all corners of our lives via one law or another for the past 50 years of my life, I too ask – when will it stop?
Why does the LEFT think having the Federal Government controlling more of our lives is a good thing? If THEY think it is such a good idea to force people to purchase Health Insurance, they should come up with a plan where they can support it without Federal Mandate. Let everyone that supports the idea put THEIR money where their mouths are.
Why are YOUNG people buying into this Garbage – being FORCED to purchase insurance by a Left Wing Administration. Time for THEM to stand up and let the Obama Gang know they aren’t happy.

This was my response to the many posts supporting welfare or wealth distribution: 

I am NOT suggesting stopping government $$ – i am suggesting that if government $$ is used then there is a return for it.
1. Training would be a return….
2. having the person paint a public building is a return,
3. cleaning up a park is a return, 4. using what ever skill they have to public advantage is a return…
Just giving money away so people can sit on their butts and watch TV, drink beer, smoke, do drugs – is NOT giving us a return for our investment…
AND – for the record, I’m not saying all people are lazy but we both know a LOT are.
As a small example – i know of a woman here, not 40 miles from my home, that gets checks from the government for ‘daycare’ of 4 children that she MIGHT see once a month. She brings in almost $2000 a month for that plus the State “welfare” until her SS kicks in. She smokes, drinks, abuses her children and constantly bitches when her checks or food stamps are late. Tough life…
As a side note – Age discrimination (oh, i forgot, that’s against the law) pushed me into early retirement. For several years life sucked – 59 1/2 was magic and no regrets.
We SHOULD help people – not just give them handouts…. I agree! Aloha
This was my response to a person defending Olbermann and bitching about FOX:  I’m betting you are an Olbermann fan – one of the dumbest liberals to ever spout garbage on live TV! Good luck with your lefty news media that only pix stories that they think will sell advertising. How many of the liberal networks carried this story?
“Soldier died while saving child in Afghanistan”
Fox had it on just hours after it happened – i never saw it on ‘major’ network news.. But they were sure on top of a Black being shot by a man who was HALF white – oh, but they forgot to mention that tiny part…. talk about bigotry and racist networks…
This final one was a response to way to many numbskulls accusing me of everything you can think of:
1. I’m all for the Military
2. I’m FOR a womans right to choose
3. I DON’T like unions and think they are WAY to powerful
4. Canada is NOT doing excellent – the people with the $$ to come to the States for medical treatment are doing fine but many are NOT happy (yes I’ve been there and talked to many people)
5. I don’t believe GOOD doctors are being paid enough AND hospitals overcharge too often.
6. public trans in America is a waste.
7. SS – if i had never paid in i wouldn’t care about it but i had no choice so will collect.
8. I hate Medicare but “they” shove it down your throat at 65
9. I hate welfare, do NOT believe in it. Food stamps are necessary now but should be controlled better. Free medical is a JOKE – someone pays, usually TAXPAYERS.
10. i worked all my life, farm, military, private, small business. I EARNED what i have and am proud it. My wife and i donate time and $$ to MANY organizati­ons because we want to.
11. I STRONGLY believe you get from life what you put into it and those with nothing should NOT sit on their butts and cry. PACK UP AND GO TO THE JOBS – earn, don’t hold your hand out…
12. And finally – OWS people are idiots, thugs, nitwits. If it weren’t for big business there would be a LOT more unemployment and people in trouble.
It’s a fact that since Obama has been in office our Deficit has gone out of sight, His three years in office the number of casualties in Afghanistan has increased MORE than all of the Bush years. Since Obama has been in office we haven’t had a budget, even his own party doesn’t like what he brings to the table. The man was clueless when he ran for office, he’s still clueless today
As usual, everything I write is my opinion. you like it or you don’t, your choice.  Feel free to give my YOUR opinion, i may not agree but i belive we all have a right to one…

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