Posted by: Frank | 04/26/2012

Dems/Liberals Want YOU to Ignore This!

With the 2012 elections behind us and the country in worse shape than during the last elections, we see that the Liberal Left Wing Democrats have NOT changed their mind about Taxing OR Spending. Of course, why should they since they were able to shove Obama down our throats AGAIN!

I still wonder at all the irregularities that we heard about in various districts during the election but it seems nobody else cares so AS ONE PERSON what can I do? KEEP BRINGING IT TO YOUR ATTENTION – THAT’S WHAT!

Do any of you readers get the idea that Democrats just want to continue with the idea that Americans want to be dependent on the Government for support. I can’t be the only one that is paying attention and NOT happy with what I see! Can I? Is that REALLY something the PEOPLE want or is it something the government translates for them and continues to promote/encourage to win their votes?

** Take a moment to reflect on what Obamacare is doing to Americans, millions loosing the security they’ve had for years as promises Obama made are proving to be lies!

There are lots of things the Dems want you to forget or just ignore. Here are just a few tiny things that might (might not) amuse you!

The Dems continue to spout how we don’t need to verify voters during our elections. Ever think if asking, WHY? I mean REALLY, why are they so afraid? Here are some good examples showing why WE DO!

Illegal Voters in Florida during the Past 10 Years”!

** Fox News had uncovered what they believed was voter fraud in Indiana and were accused of making things up. Later investigation proved them (FOX) to be right – AGAIN!

** Democrats/Liberals are telling people they do not have enough brains to figure out HOW to get a valid ID so they can vote. Another opinion about the ‘disenfranchised’ voter- feel free to read the comments, they differ from the author and deserve to at least be looked at:

** Ronald Reagen warned us about a President like Obama, YEARS AGO! If you take the time to watch this and STILL disagree with what HE is saying, I have a bridge for sale that will take you to a ‘better place’!

The liberal left wing receivers of our system perks have a unique idea on what they need to do with the Taxpayer $$ they receive:

Obama makes lots of promises and commitments that apply ONLY to others, NOT him:

Obama’s attack on the supreme court just continues to show us how much he thinks of himself and the power he has:

Obama and food stamps – a president that loves them!

** Obama has shown us that will do anything to avoid compromise with the Republicans on anything. He is about one thing, “shaping his legacy” for the future and his “Library”. The man is so paranoid about looking bad that he could care less what he’s doing to our country! His lies continue to fill the news, his blaming others is something that overrides common sense.

His current “FAV’s” are gun control and immigration reform! He feels if he can shove some substandard ideas down our throats, that along with Obamacare they will make him look good for eternity. The man is a loser and we are stuck with him for at least four more years. Good luck with that…

** updated info..

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