Posted by: Frank | 05/03/2012

If you are an Obama fan you won’t like this!

This week I have been doing a lot of ‘blogging’ on Huffington Post. If you want to find a bunch of thin-skinned liberals in action, their blogs are a great place for that. One thing that has happened tough is various posters have provided any number of interesting links that prove the point that I’ve been talking about for years. I am going to be sharing those links here and on future posts.

There a bunch, please feel free to pick and choose, I put some words explaining a bit about each.

The first and one of the most important is Obama’s and Congress’s attack on our freedom of speech:

Next we find that Obama REALLY does need his teleprompters if he is going to string more than two words together:

How about what the Obama gang is doing to Medicare to protect his votes”

This one requires some reading, the Bill in question is long but when you go to the pages they suggest it WILL leave questions in your mind – or you’re DEAD!

This one makes me SICK! I have 20 proud years of service behind me and there were plenty of times I wasn’t happy with the President and other leaders. I didn’t keep my mouth shut but I looks like the Obama gang is super sensitive about anything said about him – IT SUX!

Obama CLAIMS to care about women’s rights. We’ve seen him all over the news media bashing Republicans and trying to incite Americans with his claim that Repubs are waging a “war on women”. If you look at the facts, you know it’s bogus. Here is and example of his own “war” on women’s rights.

Even as Obamacare is being debated in our highest court, Obama and his GANG are working behind the scenes to gear up the IRS to help enforce this bogus bill:

There will be many more links in the weeks to come, I keep track of everything people send me and will post it all. As I read and watch these clips I can’t help but wonder how the Left can continue to support this affront to our way of life. We can only hope that Nov will prove that our country has NOT lost hope and will once again be the great country we once were.

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