Posted by: Frank | 05/07/2012

If a White Candidate Posted something like this?

FIRST – If’ you think I’m wrong on this, feel free to tell me…  I’m NOT quite perfect and I readily admit I don’t like Obama SO my perception here could be skewed…

Many people, including myself, believe STRONGLY that our President is the most Racist individual we have ever had in the Office of President in all of American History. In MY opinion, his latest video does NOTHING to change that feeling. I would bet every cent I have that if a White candidate ran a commercial/video asking all White Americans to vote for him/her, every Dem & Liberal in the United States along with the ACLU would be jumping up and down screaming that the coming election was about RACE!

Using Black History Month to attempt to make himself look good and stir the emotions of Blacks as he attempts to con Black People into voting for him “Because he’s PART Black”  is just plain sick.  The last I read, He is 1/2 white, 7/16 Arab, and 1/16 African black. This means that he had, on his father’s side, one black great-great grandparent, and the rest on his father’s side were Arabs. (feel free to correct me here if I’m wrong)  He’s already proven that he is unable to keep promises or accomplish any of the goals he told Americans he would complete. Two years of Dem controlled congress and all they passed is Obamacare, a wasted effort of threats and filled with bribes, empty promises, waivers to friends of Obama.  If you can watch this video and still be happy with Obama, more power to you.

Recently Bill Clinton came out with an endorsement for Obama. Here is a Man AND his wife that can’t stand Obama yet he is helping the effort to get him elected again. Even after what his campaign was said to have done to Hillary:

Obama and Michelle claim to care so much about Veterans. I am one and just got notified that my costs for Insurance is going up. When I signed up for the service and stayed for my 20 years, i was told that I would have free health care for the rest of my natural life. Well, I can tell you that life is seldom the same as reality. I have been paying a nominal fee ever since I started using my benefits and the notice I received a few days ago tells me that my costs will increase 4 fold in the next five years. We don’t know if this is tied to Obamacare but seems more than a coincident that it is taking place at the same time that his plan is put into effect. Add that to the fact that they plan to cut our benefits on top of the raise in rates, doesn’t make us real happy.

We already know Obama was lying from day of his campaign, there are so many stories out there that support this that it’s hard to pick out the best ones to post but this is one of my favorite. Part of it details his election money coming from Oil Companies as well as his record while in the Senate.

I recently found this video and have not had time to check much of it out. I believe it is peppered with partial truth but it’s an interesting read.

Of course, one of the amusing things last week is Obama finally admitting that his “girlfriend” in New York was NOT just one girl but make up of several girls that he knew. So – back as far as 1995 Obama was good about fabricating stories/lies! No wonder he’s done so well since he began running for office..

My last post today is funny, it shows that Obama doesn’t think Americans aren’t capable of paying attention to what is happening in regards to our countries money issues…

Obviously in the end you have to make up your own mind who you want to vote for. I’ve made mine up because I don’t trust the man, never have. it’s YOUR choice in November.



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