Posted by: Frank | 05/08/2012

Left vs Right – A Choice!

As Americans we have lots of “rights” that we more often than not take for granted.
So I am asking all who read this – Do you pay any attention to the world around us? We constantly hear the LEFT say “republicans don’t want to pay Teachers, Firemen or Police”.  It’s like the LEFT thinks the RIGHT are against education, life and property protection and security in our lives.
Our education system stinks! So many of our Educators take their positions for granted, thinking once they are vested, it’s a clear path to security and retirement. SADLY it is!  Even given the fact that many of our teachers are useless and our education system sucks it can be salvaged. In my opinion, the first major step would be to throw out the unions and get the teachers to do their jobs.
What makes lefties so dense? In case they haven’t noticed, pay and benefits all these Unions demand are bankrupting the very cities and communities they serve. People in these positions expect to work for 20/25 years and retire with full pay and medical yet most barely share in the cost of these benefits. The average working stiff works their butt of to make a living and hope they get SS at 62.
Liberals TALK about equality but they don’t want to GIVE anything to get it, their solution is always just TAKE from the “rich”. It’s a one way street, the LEFT has their hands out, the RIGHT is supposed to fill it with cash and goodies. Those liberals and those that support them blame everything on the RIGHT and are unwilling to take any of the responsibility for the mess we are in.
They THINK they know it all yet they ignore the obvious. Today they drool over their “savior” as if he were the ‘second coming’ when in fact he has divided America like she has never been divided before. He is in favor of gun control, he has already put restrictions on free speech, he is self-serving and quick to place BLAME on anyone but himself, totally unable to take the responsibility for anything that goes wrong, more than ready to shift the blame to someone else.
Many of us feel that Obama and his Administration have no REAL respect for the Military.  We KNOW that most liberals don’t, they just look at them as a semi necessary evil, not realizing that being part of the Military involves a SIGNED contract and a pledge to serve our Country and her people. Something most liberals wouldn’t understand.
For this commitment there is the tiny fact that their lives belong to America from the time they sign their contract until well after they are finished with their ‘active duty’ service and will be ‘on the line’ 24/7 while they are members of the SERVICE.  For protecting Americans and their President, they were guaranteed certain benefits – THEY EARNED THEM, not like those on Welfare that EXPECT THEM!
My suggestion for Liberals is to go back to your cave and block the entrance and PRAY you don’t need a Service Man/Woman to protect your Butts!

Obama and those that support him may have ‘their day’ but when people finally wake up and see what he and the LEFT have done to America – times will change…

In MY humble opinion, REAL CHANGE can ONLY come from the Middle of the road! If you are “far left” or “far Right” you are stuck with your ideals. There are ZILLIONS (well an awful lot) of us that see the GOOD of both sides but don’t LIKE the choices either side dump on us!

Perhaps when we dump Obama it is TIME to start thinking about a TRUE third choice?

The Tea Party had the right idea but many of them were/are  just too extreme.

The OWS was a waste of time and energy. A left leaning group guided by professional protestors that border on a gang of criminals, willing to destroy property and attack law enforcement. Drugs, theft and rape followed them across America, punctuated by many arrests.

Maybe it’s time to invent a NEW ‘party’! We have four SHORT years to think on this and do something constructive. It’s been done in the past and failed but if nothing else OBAMA has energized us to the FACT that if someone like him (and organizer) can be President, if he can fool enough people to take an election! Think about it!

IT REALLY IS TIME FOR those on the “left” TO WAKE UP – If you are a ‘leftie’ do yourself a favor and do some research on this man.. It’s time to move on!

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