Posted by: Frank | 05/17/2012

Is There Anything Obama WON’T DO??

How much do we need to learn about our President before we decide he was the WRONG choice? His latest ploy to make himself important (at least in his own eyes) is to link himself with past presidents, showing Americans and the world just how great he is NOT.

It is MORE than obvious to most of us that Obama is trying to make himself remembered as being someone of value to our country even though he has done nothing to show it. So far he has been a total failure and likely will continue on this path for the rest of his term. 

We continue to see that the left leaning Media has ignored this story, guess they don’t have a problem about “updating” history if it gives Obama a plug…

A question that continues to BUG me. What has happened to all the promises Obama made about Energy and the 5 MILLION new jobs he told us we would be gaining. So far it hasn’t worked out very well as far as most of us can tell.

Since we do not know truth from fact when it comes to Obama, I read everything that comes out about him, regardless if it is for or against. I think this one is worth listing and reading.


The Democrats are in a sad state.  They have a do nothing president that is a hero in his own mind. He has accomplished NOTHING in almost four years except divide America like she hasn’t been divided since the Civil War.

Congress can do nothing because nobody likes Obama and everything he wants to do has conditions that we don’t like. He hasn’t passed a budget, likely on purpose so he can make it look like it’s all on Republicans (although he hasn’t passed one since he’s been in office even with control of House and Senate).

His “answer” for his failure as President is ALWAYS, “It’s Bush’s Fault” instead of ‘manning up’ and taking the blame himself. If the Dems had any common sense at all they would offer someone up to run AGAINST this looser and try to turn things around by showing that THEY understand they screwed up by electing Obama.

Well, we can all dream and my dream is Obama out in 2012 so we can begin to recover from the mistakes he’s made and get back on track to the Great Country we were not that long ago…


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