Posted by: Frank | 05/23/2012

Who or What is Obama??

If you’ve paid any attention to what has been happening under the Obama Administration, you’d realize that he has his own agenda and REALLY doesn’t care about Americans as individuals. He THINKS he knows best for you and will do whatever it takes to shove it down our throats, like it or not! A fine example is what he and Pelosi shoved down Americas throats:

His hunger for power is NO surprise if you’ve been awake the past 16 years. Why do so many Americans forget that Obama spent so many of his young adult years in Chicago, a place that has more criminals and crime that most U.S. cities?

Check his past associations and business deals and you find criminals tied into his close-knit group of friends. Look at his religious ties and you find an insane idealism that should make you cringe. His questionable ‘organizational’ skills and links to Acorn should make one wonder what makes his tiny brain tick. Hard to forget this:

His choices for Czars and other important posts since he’s been president point to the desire to be in total control but as yet we don’t know WHO is pulling his strings. Just the very fact that someone with as little ‘life experience’ as he has can still be elected as President should worry just about ANY sane person. Here is a list of some of the CZARS, not sure if it’s complete but it IS interesting.

What are his plans if he gets re-elected, open the back door and let Russia move in to watch his back? His ‘open mike’ good with the Russian President should give you more than a little pause.

We constantly see the Liberal News Media ignoring any and all news that might embarrass Obama and his gang of thugs in any way. Then the LEFT wonders why people turn to FOX news to find things out. Doesn’t take a genius here to figure it out!

His unbalanced ego won’t let him stop bragging about anything he sees as positive in his behalf, the recent insight regarding the Movie he has approved is a prime example of a man with visions of grandure.

The man is so out of control that it’s time to have him move on. OUT in 2012

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