Posted by: Frank | 06/23/2012

Mainstream Media Chooses To Ignore This!!

As anyone that reads my writing/blogs knows, I do NOT expect everyone to agree with my thoughts or views regarding Obama or anything else I put on my blogs.  I am NOT forcing anyone to READ or VIEW my posts. If you don’t like what I post YOU have the option to NOT read them. Feel free, I won’t be hurt or upset because YOU made a choice that YOU have the RIGHT to make! My opinions are mine.. I “wear” them proudly!

I am happy when I get feedback or replies and post a large % of them. Opinions are welcome but attacks toward me or my friends or posts using foul words will be deleted. Be advised, by posting same, you will be wasting your valuable time! Aloha

That said, if you are a REAL Obama fan and want to help him out, here is one of the dumbest things I found since his re-election campaign started. If you want to fall for it, it’s your choice:

Now, I ask, why does our mainstream media always ignore things like the below link, why don’t they do some research and find out if it’s true or not, if not, why not debunk it? Could it just be that it IS true and they choose to ignore it rather than hurt their left-wing supporters?

The following article i found on Huffington Post and admit that I was surprised that a left-wing blog would actually post it.  It’s regarding LGBT activists who visited the White House last week are fully evolved on what they think of President Ronald Reagan – does this help their cause or what? The actual photo is posted below the link, it’s been deleted on a lot of the internet posts.

Although I will be more than happy when Obama is sent packing in November, I am positive that voting for a “third-party” would do nothing but get him re-elected.  SO, read this and be amused but when the time comes be alert.

If you have been paying any attention you will know that Obama is playing games with illegals in an effort got gain more Hispanic votes. How many people will fall for this one?


And finally for this post, i was recently asked if I know what being a “Liberal” means. To that I replied my thoughts. Before I convey them, here is what the definition for it is:

” liberals support ideas such as constitutionalism, liberal democracy, free and fair elections, human rights, capitalism, and the free exercise of religion

I don’t see it quite that way! The “liberals” i deal with and see posting on a daily basis, seem far from promoting “religious freedom” as most of us know it.

Their definition of “liberal democracy” seems to actually be playing Robin Hood, taking from the rich and giving to “the poor”. 

Their definition of “fair elections” seem to ignore RIGHT & WRONG.

Their idea of “human rights” tells us that only THEIR definition is correct.

Their ideas of Capitalism leave room for debate since they don’t seem to have any desire to promote business which in turn creates jobs..

They profess to support ‘constitutionalism’ that says in political society government officials are not free to do anything they please in any manner they choose; they are bound to observe both the limitations on power and the procedures – yet they support Obama

I do NOT think Liberals today actually have a clue on what they SHOULD be promoting!

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