Posted by: Frank | 06/28/2012

What is wrong with the Black Caucus?

Way too many of our Congress have no clue what they are doing and what is actually happening to America. They are supposed to be our leaders, people we are supposed to respect. The past few years has NOT done much to promote any confidence. As long as there are Democrats and Republicans we will always have two sides and they will always have trouble agreeing on what to do and how to get things done, that’s a given!

We KNOW that as long as Obama is president we will NOT have a lot of agreement in congress but the problems that have surfaced regarding the DOJ and the program Fast & Furious and the death of a border patrol officer should be something that everyone on both sides of the aisle should care about and want to get to the bottom of. EVERYONE, including our President and the “Black Caucus”!

Instead, OUR President is doing all he can to block the truth from coming out and the “Black Caucus” is choosing to ignore the problem by walking out on a major vote to get to the bottom of the truth.

Now that we have a major election coming up, it would seem that it is time to get their acts together but instead they need to play their games and further prove that the LEFT only wants to cover Obama’s butt and not risk doing anything that might mess up his chances for re-election. They choose NOT to “man-up” and do the right thing and just let things slide.

When will our politicians, including the hypocrites that make up the “Black Caucus, WAKE UP and do the right thing so we can move on.  If these nut bags convince other minority Caucus’ to join them it does more harm than good to our vision of what Congress SHOULD be about!

Today was PROOF of the lack of intelligence for our Democrats in Congress. Instead of staying and using their right to vote against the censure, many just walked out in-mass like a bunch of spoiled elderly brats and held a press conference in the attempt to justify their stupidity! What kind of people are we electing to SERVE US – YES, I SAID – SERVE US! Not themselves!

November can NOT come soon enough!!
BTW – If you do a bit of research on the “Black Caucus” you find some interesting information:


  1. It is the partisanship that is leading this country to its demise.

    It is the same sentiment that saw a massive expansion of the powers of the Federal Government under Bush that Republicans swept under the rug when their party is supposedly the party of limited Federal Power and smaller government.

    Now the left is doing anything they can to keep their guy in, despite his perpetual assault against our Constitution

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