Posted by: Frank | 07/22/2012

We learn by watching and listening to others that we are a country of hyprocrites!

RE: Romney’s Tax Returns
Once again we have someone trying to prove that Americans are Hypocrites. We are being told by Americas Media, prompted by the Obama Administration that Romney’s returns are actually of major importance to this election. Obama’s wife was NEVER proud to be an American until her husband became President – what’s that tell you about her?
Why, when our current President was making his way up the ladder didn’t people care about his relationship with various crooked politicians in Chicago, his ties to Acorn, his 20 year association with a radical minister, his lack of experience, never holding a real job, published books with dubious information regarding his heritage and his rather limited experience as “an organizer” he still gets elected to our highest office.
Now we have a Republican with lots of money and all of a sudden it’s in the national interest to see his old tax returns?
Why, with our economy in the gutter, unemployment 8.2% or more actually, food stamps being handed out as if they were dollar bills, no budget passed since this administration took office and no jobs bill worth the paper it was printed on, is Mitts Tax records worth front page news?
The Obama administration is using the very dirty tricks that they campaigned against in 2008, more hypocritical than any of the other stuff we’ve read or heard as late.
Telling successful business people who THEY didn’t make themselves successful, the government did it, was not the smartest thing this President has ever done. Of course it could be said that he hasn’t done very much that WAS smart from the beginning!
It’s time to tell this Administration to get down to the basics, cure the problems and take care of our nation or move on.

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