Posted by: Frank | 08/18/2012

Run for the White House

The run for the white house is in full swing and the Obama Administration is 
proving that they will do anything to win the race! In all the years I've 
been a voter, I have never seen the likes of the Obama gang as they promote 
and encourage the embarrassing garbage our "Commander In Chief" and his 
supporters are dumping on the American public in an effort to discredit 
his challengers!

The fact that Obama is unable to tout his accomplishments in his effort 
to retain his seat should be enough to send him back to his questionable 
roots with his tail between his legs! Instead he is using every dirty 
trick in the books to subvert the very process that allows Americas 
to make an informed, educated choice for our highest office! 

While the democrats may not be the best thing for America in my view, 
I had hoped that they had at least a small amount of self-esteem left 
after the 2008 election. Sadly, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and many other 
hard Core supporters could care less of the damage they are doing to 
America and her electoral system.  

Today, because of all the dirty ads and attacks, many people are talking 
about just not voting! Even though it would not hurt ny feelings if all 
the hard-core left-wing nuts stayed home on election day, it would be 
fantastic to see SANE Dems turn out in force and help send Obama and his 
despicable crew packing!

What is it going to take for the left to finally admit that they picked the 
worst possible person to show they could accept a non-white president? Of all 
the actually qualified people they had to choose from they picked some with a 
great smile, a good line of bull, no experience, no hope for success and a 
habitual liar that has ONE talent - the ability to blame someone, anyone else 
for his failures!

The man is an embarrassment to his country, his Party, his family and his 
heritage! It's past time to send him home!

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