Posted by: Frank | 08/23/2012

A “Firestorm” by Any Other Name!

If any of my few friends or fans DON’T know it, I am a man of opinions!  Obviously, MINE are the best and CORRECT!


I will tho, stand by my opinions untill someone can prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, that they are not valid!

Today I accidentally started something on Face Book that turned into something much bigger than I expected. To say I was wrong about the statement I made would be questionable. It was in fact based on the input of many others, both friends of mine and people who just had their own opinions. Putting it ‘out there’ was just putting to print what many people laughingly repeat time and time again. Obviously that is my excuse even though it doesn’t make it right.

When it comes to politics and mud-slinging, I am but an amateur but I can stand toe to toe with the best of them.

It has come to OUR attention that the DEMOCRATS have absolutely NO platform to stand on so, as with 2007/8 we are going to see DIRTY Dem politics as usual. There is NO defense for the crummy job Obama done in the past four years, four years of blaming Bush instead of admitting he is a total failure. It’s much easier and less painful for the Democrats to blame someone else rather than admitting their choice in 2008 was the worst possible choice they could have made.

Obama has done his best to avoid the real issues on jobs, unemployment, taxes, bailouts, green energy and anything else that would require him actually facing the people who elected him! He shuns the press today as he did back in 2010 so let’s NOT be surprised:

If ANYONE still believes the Obama created “war on women” is a real thing, you haven’t been paying attention. The ONLY reason Obama cares about Women is that they are VOTERS and have voted more often than men! They are a source of VOTES! He has shown as far back as his time as an Illinois Senator that he could care about women and their well-being:

Let’s look at what kind of people the Obama supporters are. A VERY visible supporter is Bill Clinton, a man who can’t STAND Obama yet he is helping the man get elected. Over the years, beginning with the primaries where Obama was slamming the Clinton’s, calling them names and accusing them of being RACISTS – yet now Bill is smiling and telling us what a great choice Obama is. My question – what’s in it for him? Getting a direct line to some new Interns Billy? Here is a single example of what “good friends” these men are:

Obama is now claiming that he has created more jobs that past presidents. I did some fact checking and here is a link:

In our local campaign here in Hawaii, This statement was posted on the Democrats page after the “unity breakfast”:  “The Democrats in Hawaii pledged to avoid all character assassinations and dirty politics in the general election.”  From what I’ve been reading the last two days on their site, looks a LOT like there is more than enough hot air floating around there to fill a fleet of balloons! It speaks volumes!!! When I questioned it I was told that “the people involved with the campaign” aren’t the ones posting, it’s the supporters. I’m thinking if I made a statement like the above I would try to keep my FB and other pages clean also. Maybe I’m just weird.

This is going to be a hell of a campaign, I predict that it will be dirtier than the stunts the Obama gang pulled in 07/08 – stay tuned!


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