Posted by: Frank | 08/26/2012

“Reap What You Sew” PLDC

I know that there are times when people read my posts, smile and shake their heads. Times when reading a post like this, I suggest the smile go along with some serious thoughts. While the focus of this post is on Hawaii politics, it applies to the general politics of our Country.

When I first read the article in WHT About the PLDC and the uproar it’s caused, I was siding with those in protest. But after reading the whole article and doing a bit more research, I’m not REALLY sure I feel that way. How many times does a person have to be slapped in the face before the get tired of it and take control of the one slapping them?

In no way do I advocate going back to the “old ways”! Hawaii could not survive without ‘change’ and if you don’t believe that, look at the country of Haiti and all their problems! I am NOT against progress, in fact there are many projects happening on this Island that I feel benefit the people living here.

I am for open land, I and my wife work with several groups on this Island to help ensure our Trails are open, clean, safe and available to all who wish to use them. Our island in particular is full of History and I feel strongly that the people who live here as well as her visitors should have access to that History.

I know I’m “new” to the Island of Hawaii, only 8 years if you don’t count all my years of visiting, but it’s REALLY not hard to see the BIGGEST problem they have on this islands are the elected officials.

The title of this post couldn’t be more accurate – “YOU REAP WHAT YOU SEW” – I’m NOT a biblical person so my definition for this OLD quote comes from “The Wise Geek” and simply means:

“In all, the idea “you reap what you sow”  can be simplified to suggest that actions will have consequences.  They don’t necessarily have immediate consequences.”

After having Democrats and the Unions controlling Hawaii, WHY is this spat between the PLDC and our Governor and Her legislators such a surprise. In case you’ve forgotten HOW we’ve arrived at this position, here is a link that will freshen your memory:

For sixty (60) years the people of these islands have been bowing to the Democrats and the Unions. I’ve said it before, I will continue to tell it as long as I’m able!  The DEMOCRATS ARE NOT YOUR FRIENDS!  If you aren’t happy with where we are today, you need to give it some serious thought and prepare to make some serious changes. The same can be said for the rest of our country.

So, let’s make this SIMPLE! If you aren’t happy with what your Local, State or Federal Government is doing TOO you, YOU have the power to make some changes! VOTE THEM OUT!!

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