Posted by: Frank | 08/27/2012

Mistakes of the People!

Let me preface this post by saying I KNOW all Democrats and “Left Leaning” are NOT clueless! The problem is that sometimes it seems that way! Every time I get my hopes up, someone like this DUD comes out and starts spewing garbage that makes no sense in an effort to blame ANYONE but the people responsible for the problems in our government today. That said – we need CHANGE!

For awhile it seemed that WHT was publishing something of value we see the letter from M. Swerdlow. If there were ever a piece of garbage written to WHT, this one tops it in spades! And this coming from a person living in a State with one of the most corrupt State governments in America. Sixty (60) years of “single party rule” and Union control have turned Hawaii into a Welfare State!  Her people depend on food stamps, welfare, free medical, help with housing and any number of other “benefits” geared towards the ‘poor’. This tiny fact should be enough to show ANY left-wing nut that SOMETHING is SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH THEIR PARTY OF CHOICE!

Swerdlow attacks everyone but the major players – Obama and the Democrat controlled congress from 2006 – 2010 could have proven they weren’t Union puppets by making some hard decisions. The same Congress that shoved Obamacare down our throats with the infamous Pelosi words – “just pass it, you can read it later” could have done SOMETHING/ANYTHING useful!

Since the Unions took over, the Democrats have been the party of destruction gaining more power since Kennedy started the UNION ball rolling by empowering public Unions. The Billion dollars (so far) donated to Democrats by Unions in their quest to buy votes and pass bills that have crippled America over the last fifty (50) years is embarrassing to say the least.

Of course we can all count on some Democrats to BLAME someone, ANYONE else for the problems THEY have caused. It’s the ONE thing this small group of people are good at that we can count on whenever anything goes wrong, “BLAME”. In a SAD way we all help promote the destruction of our country by continually voting in people who only have THEIR best interests at heart, NOT the good of the country.

We need term limits and accountability of our legislators. They need to be controlled, NOT rewarded for failure. Stop automatic pay raises and benefits, punish them for NOT passing budgets in a timely manner. Make them ALL realize the PEOPLE have the power to remove them if they don’t do their jobs!

Instead of spewing the usual Left Wing Garbage, Swerdlow and those that share his beliefs should at LEAST ATTEMPT to do SOMETHING constructive or even pay just a bit MORE attention to the destructiveness of HIS party of handouts for votes!

This current election cycle is one of the worst ever seen. The Dems started early by flooding the airways with false information about any and all Republican candidates in an effort to steer the voters. In part it worked and now Obama is beginning to regret their choice – TOUGH!

Another amusing tidbit is the Republican “war on women” the Obama gang touts. There is NO war on women, never has been and we all know it.

If you check this website there can be a case made for Obama’s “war on women” when it comes to jobs. If you look close, it’s about as accurate as the “Rights” war that isn’t.

NO party is perfect, each has their individual nitwits that we should recognize and work around. Time to address the problems instead of adding to them….


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