Posted by: Frank | 09/19/2012

Just Some Interesting Obama Video Clips!

OK folks, it’s time to start paying attention to the kind of Man our President REALLY is. Feel free to watch these and, if you can, please dispute what you see.

When you actually hear Obama say some of this stuff I hope it will provide you with the proof you need to see that Obama needs to be removed. I’m ALWAYS happy to recieve feedback. Aloha

(Obama lies about religion)     🙂

(Obama Redistribution)    🙂

(The Day I’m Inaugraited)     🙂

(Admits he is Muslim)     🙂

(Obama ‘you didn’t build that’)    🙂

(Michelle – first time she is proud of America)    🙂

(Obama  –  Health care/Ryan – Stupid)    🙂

(Michelle – Damn Flag)   🙂

(‘banned’ video)   🙂

(Obama Deception)   🙂

(Obama is going to pay for my gas) 🙂

(Dreams of My Father – fraud)  🙂

(Obama flubs) 🙂

(Obama Miracles)

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