Posted by: Frank | 09/22/2012

Democrats & The Black Race!

Even though most of us KNOW that Democrats are NOT the friends of the Poor, Hispanic or Black people. That said, it’s rare when you find someone who will actually stand up and spread this REAL Message to the Black people in America.

About – Runaway Slave – The movie:

Even thought I was a TAD skeptical about this movie, I watched the trailers and listed to the above dialog. I am not a believer that we need to see this Movie – NOT just you and me, but Black People everywhere need to see and understand what has been happening to them all these years.

Runaway Slave Movie Trailer #1

When I began watching this second video clip I almost stopped it in the first couple of minutes and trashed the link. I’m happy to say that I watched the whole thing and decided i HAD to share it with anyone that cares to see the TRUTH about what the Democrats have been doing to Blacks for WAY too many years!

Runaway Slave Movie – Trailer #2 with special message from CL Bryant:

If you’ve gotten this far and are having trouble believing what is being said, here are two more clips that MIGHT give you pause to think:

(Obama is going to pay for my gas)

(Obama voter – funny)

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