Posted by: Frank | 09/24/2012

“Support Obamas Agenda!” – NOT!!!

Ever heard the words “fair and balanced”? I believe they were first spoken on FOX news. Be bringing people from both sides on their shows and interviewing them they attempted to give the viewers the OPTION of making choices and decisions for themselves. If you are paying ANY attention you are seeing that MOST networks and Newspapers are LEFT Leaners and actually seem proud of it. On the Sixty Minutes interview last night the News Anchor actually got THESE admissions from Obama:

CBS describes the clip this way: “President Obama says some of his campaign ads might ‘go overboard’ or contain mistakes, but most of them simply highlight the differences between him and Gov. Romney.”

“Look, the fact-checkers have had problems with the ads on both sides,” Kroft says to Obama in the unaired clip, “and say they’ve been misleading and in some cases just not true. Does that disturb you? I mean, some of them are your ads.”

Obama responds: “Do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign, are there mistakes that are made, areas where there is no doubt somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? You know, that happens in politics.”

Kroft responds: “Aren’t the American entitled to the truth? Or a better version of it?”

“The truth of the matter is, most of the time we’re having a vigorous debate about a vision for the country,” Obama says. “And, you know, there’s a lot at stake in this election. So is it going to be sharp sometimes? Absolutely. But will the American people ultimately have a good sense of where I want to take the country and where Gov. Romney takes the country? I think they will.”

Indeed, it’s a newsworthy admission, but one that didn’t make it into the news magazine’s final cut.

Now the REST of my GRIPE:
I’ve known from the time i first visited this Island 40 years ago that while the people here are usually warm and friendly to visitors, when you try to ‘blend’ many of them tend to ‘stand off’ and some get antagonistic. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that they are tied to their culture and just don’t like anyone upsetting the apple cart.
This isn’t really a bad thing unless you integrate it with the local politics. When you do that you find that Hawaii’s people have been “ruled” by the “old” families, Unions & Democrats for so long that they think that is the only way they can survive.
If you don’t think Hawaii has issues, just look at the way the politics are handled. The people here AREN’T dumb, they proved that when they elected Governor Lingle, but they can be easily be swayed by the extreme, an ex-hippie anti-war protester that is willing to demonstrate you can ‘buy’ their votes is now our Governor.
Another thing you quickly find is the people here resist change and the “good old boy” mentality prevails big time. We see this when we have people like Akaka, Inyoue & Hirono among others, running for office. We are getting a great demonstration of what Hawaiian politics are about with the Mazie/Lingle. I know we all have our opinions but in this case, opinions are being confirmed by the actions of the Mazie supporters. In the months since the campaign began, we see Mazie supporters removing Lingle signs, taking Lingle stickers off cars, Keying or slamming their car doors into vehicles of Lingle supporters and using “her” Facebook page to smear Gov Lingle.
I suggest you make a visit to Mazies Facebook page and ask questions, “where is the list of Mazie accomplishments that disappeared” or comment on their false Ad, “Lingle was responsible for Furlough Friday”, and see if you are attacked. If you go so far as to provide PROOF regarding the inaccurate statements they make, they may just attack you. If you go so far as to question the BLIND following of Mazies supporters and ask what she is REALLY about they could ban you from the page as they have me. These Mazie supporters are NOT interested in the truth.
When people should be asking questions of the candidates, they are instead ignoring the weakness of them. We’ve seen that Mazie has done nothing but accept paychecks for the time she’s been in office. We see that she is a Obama puppet and promises to support his agenda rather than try to do something positive for Americans. I never got to ask Mazie about the “Big Favor” she got when she signed off on Obamacare and Hawaii “Opted Out” so our people do not qualify for much of the insurance under the “pre-existing illness” portion of the law. We have MANY people without insurance here that STILL can’t get coverage thanks to Mazie.
Do ANY of you remember that while Lingle was Governor the DEMS STILL HAD CONTROL OF THE LEGISLATURE ? Do ANY of you complainers know how our STATE government, let alone the COUNTRY is actually run?  People like MAZIE are the CAUSE of our problems. Mazie promising that she will “support Obama’s agenda” is not the answer to fixing ANY problems and would likely cause more! At least Gov LINGLE will listen, consult, make a choice and support what she believes is right for Hawaii!
You JUST MIGHT want to check out Mazies propaganda. Talk about half truth and mis-information. She has NO accomplishments so she puts out Ads that twist or avoid the truth – ie: Furlough Fridays – a plan that was suggested by the Union Leaders instead of making other cuts, likely to administration which was and still is TOP HEAVY! Your DEMS in the house and senate didn’t have the guts to come up with a plan of their own so who else was there to do the job? Dems have been socking it to Hawaiians for 60 years! It’s your own fault Hawaii is in the mess she’s in. Electing Mazie to ANYTHING will only add to the problem….
During my last visit to Mazies page I notice while they are still banning people who don’t agree with Mazie they still promote and allow disgusting posts like the one by “Alex Surette”. How many of the people who they’ve banned have said anything REMOTELY like that about Mazie – let me guess – NONE!
Another REAL nice person supporting Obama and Mazie. “Bob Queenin” – you should be proud of yourself and your buddy “Alex” for the NEED to use profanity to express yourself even though you are absolutely clueless about how America is being destroyed by the Democrats.
Our Country, our State is having major problems. Obama and his gang want to just print more money and hope for the best – we are NOT having fun or success in our recovery  thanks to the Democrat Legislators! Why do Democrats keep conveniently forgetting that AS LONG AS THE UNIONS CONTROL HAWAII VIA THE DEMS IT WILL ALWAYS BE A WELFARE STATE?!?!?
Actions DO speak louder than words and so far Mazie hasn’t done much.. And thinking of our current Gov, Neil Ambercrombie as a Senator – lol – even the people that he bought to vote for him wouldn’t want him as our Senator, best joke yet!!
I know that at least three FB people, Doug, Jeff & Frank that posted remarks on Mazies page, none of which were nasty, have been banned because they dare to comment about Mazies lack of accomplishments or failed leadership. The people who run her page have no desire for honest questions or comments The Mazie backers are looking for bobble heads that think the same warped way they do and just promote folks like “Bod & Alex” that use profanity against Lingle.
This is the kind of post Mazie supporters (Hawaii Hawaii Beaty)  put up when someone offers FACTS!  ” You Liar POS..its a wonder You Have any teeth You Republican Communist Punk with a “TURD IN YOUR MOUTH” PUNK LIAR POS” – ‘HHB’ claims to be a “Combat Veteran” but I don’t know many that would embarrass the rest of us with this kind of garbage.
And finally, here is a short video that compares Mazie & Obamas “Left” with the feelings of the “Right”
Feel free to let me know your thoughts…

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