Posted by: Frank | 10/06/2012

Poverty and Ignorance in America

If you are paying ANY attention to the news these days (other than the garbage we are hearing about the upcoming election) you have heard that the number of people living at the poverty level has INCREASED since Obama was elected. The poverty level for Blacks (the vote Obama needs to secure if he has any chance of winning) is even worse that for the rest of Americans, under Obama.

Why aren’t the ‘major’ networks reporting on this tiny detail regarding our economy and Americans?

Why aren’t the networks reporting the unemployment rates actual numbers – a quick checks shows us it’s above 11% when you count the people who have given up looking for work!

Why aren’t the media reporting on the fact that we now have the largest number of people on food stamps in the history of our country?

We’ve heard for months how great Obamacare is doing, but they fail to mention the fact that all large number of  these poor “uninsured” people are in fact “starving students” that are now insured via their parents until they are twenty-six and that small businesses across the country are rethinking their expansion plans because they can’t afford to pay insurance for larger staff.

We also are finding the press attacking Romney about his ‘attack’ on the Obama response to the Killing of Americas in the Middle East. We have now found out that as EVERYONE BUT THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION knew, this was and act of terrorism not some stupid movie!

Why aren’t Major Media taking the Obama gang “to the mat” about reports of ambassador Stevens Journal where he stated he was afraid for his life yet nothing was done to protect him.

Why aren’t the Media questioning the Administration about their lack of performance? His policy stinks and has done more harm than good from the time he took office even though he promised that “just him being President would make things better” in the Muslin world.

We are also seeing that the Obama Administration trying to keep defense contractors from laying off their people until after the election, even offering to pay legal fees to bypass the law so there won’t be a big spike in unemployment numbers before November.

If you haven’t heard yet, the latest word from one of the biggest dumbbells in congress is that THE REPUBLICANS caused the death of our Ambassador and the other three men in Benghazi:



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