Posted by: Frank | 10/14/2012

Politics affect us all!

Four wasted years of Obama – my opinion maybe, but shared by a LOT of other people.

In one month we have a chance to correct the mistake made in 2008! We all know that JUST replacing the President doesn’t solve the overall problem.

A few short days ago we saw Romney and Obama face to face. To say we were seeing a “NEW” side of Obama is an understatement. Four years of having an unqualified man in office came to a head on stage in front of 67 MILLION viewers. The President came across as a bumbling fool, reinforcing the opinion of MILLIONS of  Americans that have suffered because of his failed policies and attempts to bankrupt our country. Even today Obama and his Administration is trying to distort the budget problems, including a $500 Billion cut meaning the likely reductions of Defense Department funds. He is (to some) breaking the law by telling government contractors NOT to tell their employees that they might not have a job in 60 days. I’m not a big fan of Bill Maher but his latest ‘act’ hit a nail!

Since Sept 11th 2012 – the Obama Administration has fostered a lie regarding the murders of our Ambassador and 3 other Americans. The liberals wish to ignore the FACTS and worry more about the “47%” Romney mis-spoke about – life threatening stuff!

ADD this to the Obama scare tactics that have every boomer in america crying because “they are going to lose their SS & Medicare if Romney is elected!” We ALL know, EVEN YOU, that the system(s) (including Obamacare) need to be fixed – the Liberals/Dems just want to tax us all to death – i DOUBT that even YOU, as a Taxpayer, would appreciate that! The Repubs have a plan – sure, it might need work, but a PLAN! Resistance to change is always tough and scary for insecure people – are you one of those?

The Left is saying Romney won’t explain his plan, give details – take a short journey back in time and listen to all the garbage Obama promised WITHOUT A SINGLE PLAN! Then actually THINK about it…  Also look at OBAMACARE and the fact it was shoved down our throats because the “Leader of the House” at the time said to “Read it after you pass it” – thanks Nancy!!

Here at home in Hawaii we have the chance to help correct a MAJOR problem we have had for 60 years. The Unions and the Democrats that they buy with political donations and support have run Hawaii into the ground. If you don’t see it or believe it, you are sadly out of touch with our State and the way we live. We have become one of the most DEPENDENT States in America. Our Representatives in congress, the Senate in particular, are in need or some major changes. Our legislators in Washington are the worst kind of traitors to the American public that elect them. We’ve seen that for years as they sell their votes for cash or the promise of a future vote on a program they want pushed. The TAXPAYER’s are the ones that get hurt as the Legislators STEAL the money they pay for taxes. This money is paid in good faith, faith that our lawmakers will do right by them!

In Hawaii we have a chance to make a change of our own, one for the better – in my opinion.

On one hand we have a failed crossover from the House of Representatives, a typical politician with NO accomplishments, a dubious and questionable background when she was Lt Governor of Hawaii and the only skills she is showing today is the ability to create Online Ads that lie and twist the truth to make her opponent look bad! She has the support from Unions trying to buy her vote and of another long-term Dem who has PUBLICLY STATED that he would not work with a Republican if she were elected and sent to Washington. Mazie keeps telling us “i will support Obama’s agenda” implying that she doesn’t care WHAT it is, as long as it is OBAMA’S agenda, as she snow-blinds her friends and family to support her.

Yes, the two links below are Ads produced by Lingle supporters but they contain FACTS that voters should be aware of.

On the other hand we have a woman with proven leadership both as a Mayor and Governor, a tough task when the State legislators were Democrats in Majority and have been for 60 years. The Choice is a simple one, Linda Lingle would look out for the State and people of Hawaii, she has proven it in the past and will continue to.

And, just in case you have forgotten one of Mazie’s MAJOR lies:

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