Posted by: Frank | 10/19/2012

Left or Right? You will have to live with your choice!


We are coming down to the ‘wire’ for this years election both National and State. The choices for both are quite different. Being a Democrat or Republican is something that many people are looking ‘down’ on.

If you’re on the “left” you have some very strange opinions  when it comes to priorities. Our Embassy people are murdered, our economy is in the tank, people are out of work, foodstamp users at highest lever in our history, the middle east is on the brink of war and DEMOCRATS AND THE LEFT WING NUTS VIEW THIS ISSUES AS MOST IMPORTANT!!!!!  THIS is why we need Romney!!!

For the past few months, since the ‘race’ has gotten more intense, I’ve visited a lot of blogs, talked to a lot of people, exchanged email and in the process learned a lot more about the Liberal Left than I ever wanted to know. Too many on the left do not know how to exchange ideas without using profanity, insults, slurs or any other negative thing they can come up with. It’s sad! I’m not saying there aren’t people on the Right that do the same thing but as yet I haven’t met many and when I do I do my best to get them back on a civil track!

That said, on the NATIONAL level we are looking at “More of the same” or a chance for a “New beginning”. One of the Major complaints about Mitt Romney is that “he isn’t putting out details on what he will do to correct the path we are on.”

Do me (and yourself) a favor!
Stand in front of a mirror and say the words “he isn’t putting out details on what he will do to correct the path we are on”! 

Four (4) years ago many of YOU voted for an inexperienced ‘organizer’ that spewed promises of “hope & change” with absolutely NO PLAN at all – nothing, nada, no clue on what he would do if he was elected!
Look at what YOU bought by electing him and where we are today! Are you HAPPY?
Now we have a proven business MAN who KNOWS about business and how it works. THIS TIME we have a chance to hire someone with a business brain and a business sense.

SO – after the Obama farce YOU, as an individual, are you really worried about details about Romneys plan? WHY?
Obama STILL HAS NO CLUE on what to do..  If you have watched the debates you KNOW this for a fact!  Four more years on the CHANCE he might pull his head out of his butt and ACCIDENTLY fix things?
Think about it – REALLY think about it… We have a REAL choice but only ONE good one!

On the STATE level we have two choices, Mazie Hirino or Gov Linda Lingle.

Looking at Mazie we see a woman with NO major accomplishments, a one time Lt Governor linked to receiving illegal contributions (of which she owes the State $98,000) and a record in Congress that is forgettable. Her ONE claim to ‘fame’ is her attack Ads on Gov Lingle that have been full of lies and innuendos. When faced with the fact that her campaign is full of lies, she ignores everyone and repeats the same thing over and over, “Linda is a Republican” as if it is a dangerous disease!

I have watched all three (3) debates with Mazie and Gov Lingle and will tell you flat-out, watching Mazie spout her continued garbage is more boring than watching paint dry! In fact, watching paint dry would be a large improvement over watching Mazie in action! There is NO doubt if you listen to her that she is a Obama bobble head through and through and will likely be worthless if we get a Republican President!

Gov Lingle is a hard worker, has a good track record and believes that Hawaii needs a change. She tried as Governor but was fought every step of the way by our Democratic legislature, eager to make her fail. I believe Linda will work for the people in Hawaii and will work with whomever is President or in control of the Senate when she is elected.

When you make your choice(s) in November please remember that your choice will affect Hawaii and America for the next 4 to 6 years!


  1. When I began watching this second video clip I almost stopped it in the first couple of minutes and trashed the link. I’m happy to say that I watched the whole thing and decided i HAD to share it with anyone that cares to see the TRUTH about what the Democrats have been doing to Blacks for WAY too many years!

    • I hope your note is sincere because I believe it. I know a LOT of Dems because I have been surrounded by them for almost 30 years. Living in CA and HI if you aren’t a Dem then you are a minority. We see what happens with them in charge and it isn’t a pretty sight. How they can keep fooling Blacks and Hispanics into supporting them is beyond me. The perks aren’t THAT great, they aren’t helped OUT of the RUT they are in regarding low employment, high drug use, high crime so WHY are the Dems continually elected?

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