Posted by: Frank | 10/22/2012

Obama and HIS “War on Women”!

Why do I start this post with THREE (3) links regarding WOMEN?!

The reason is simple! At LEAST one of my friends actually fell for the Obama attack on Romney and has no desire to do the research and find that Obama actually wages his OWN war in many different ways. A person should be able to see the recent debates when Obama is pushed into a corner, he gets VERY defensive and even HOSTILE! You can see it in his face and eyes, the man is NOT a nice guy when things aren’t going the way HE thinks they should! THAT alone should make you wonder what the REAL Obama is like behind ‘closed doors’?

Reading ANY of the above stories should make you want to read another. Obama cares about women because of ONE thing – they are a large voting block and he will say ANYTHING to get those votes.   In 2008 Democratic convention Obama said the following:     

“if you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from. You make a big election about small things!”   

ADD to all the about that more women are out of work and “poor” since Obama took office, simple facts.

He is NOT good to his own staffers, they are paid less and treated worse than the men doing the same job.

He is USING women to help him try to win the election. He points fingers, tells half-truths to get his point across and sometimes tells outright lies, pure and simple!

This has been his whole campaign – he has PROVEN that the “great experiment” of 2008 was a MAJOR MISTAKE and now he wants to fool Minorities and Women into repeating it!

Think before you vote! Four more years of FAILURE or a chance to bring America back to AMERICANS!

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