Posted by: Frank | 11/04/2012

Poverty / Welfare – Is The War is all but LOST?


Talking about POVERTY! We have spent over $15 Trillion since inception in 1964 by LBJ. Poverty level was at 19%, today it is STILL over 15% despite to major reforms by Regan & Clinton – $1 Trillion per year under Obama! NOT that Obama has made it much worse, he just hasn’t helped it. There are over 80 programs whose objective is to help low-income Americans. Today, over 1/3 of Americans receive aid of some kind from a welfare program.

We are spending more on WELFARE Each year than Medicare, SS & Defense combined! From 2008 – 2011 spending has grown from $563 Billion to $746 Billion – that’s 32%!  We are spending about $2 for Welfare for every $1 spent on Defense.

It is a FACT that handing people welfare checks is NOT working, people are staying on welfare instead of going to work and NOT always because there are no jobs.

Source: Heritage Foundation CRS Estimate


Health care costs, fees and taxes, are going up big time in 2013 – AFTER THE ELECTION! Small business will suffer because they won’t want to hire full-time people because they can’t OR won’t pay the cost for insurance for full-time employees! This is ONE part of Obamacare that needs to be struck down when Romney is elected!

Obamacare’s Fines for Hospitals: If it is found that a hospital has “Excessive Medicare readmission” they can be facing stiff fines which can cost them billions of dollars. It makes no difference WHY the patients are readmitted!

How many other surprises are waiting for us via Obamacare after this election is over?


Public Workers Pension Plans! Many States are looking into buying out the Pensions of Public Employees, the plan is to save money in the long-term. Get the bucks while the plans can pay them. Way to many are far underfunded and people could lose everything.

The fear of some people is that the BEST workers have the sense to get out while the getting is good and will opt to take these ‘buy-outs’, leaving the bottom of the barrel (workers with less experience, lazy or just plain slackers to take care of the public.

In our society today, way too many people are willing to just accept the handouts from the government, State or Federal – which actually consists of YOUR taxpayer dollars and are more than happy doing it. The answer to ‘welfare’ is Workfare! If you receive TAXPAYER money you earn it by doing something constructive for the community. There are lots of ‘jobs’ that even unskilled people can handle until they are trained in something that will allow them to get a good job and begin once again making it on their own.


If you are in one of the minority groups have you ever asked WHY the numbers of Blacks and Hispanics on welfare, in prison, on food stamps or living below poverty levels is so high compared to the rest of us? Do you think that the average ‘white’ person causes this or wants it this way? MY theory is that the very politicians that these unfortunate people vote for are causing this perpetual loop. I’m sure you aware that there are PLENTY ‘minorities’ that have become successful in all kinds of fields, all by themselves and are living great lives today. What makes them BETTER than you or others like you?


I’ve said this before on other blogs, Facebook, Huffington Post and any place that I can leave a comment. Not long ago I watched a YouTube video of a Black Man talking about Obama. In the video he told us the following:

If, during the 2008 election process, a man had run for the highest office in our land, with NO qualifications, NO experience, A questionable background, *had written and published books where he lied about his family and was a member of organizations and a church that preached hate of America AND HE WERE WHITE – what would his chances have been to get elected?

Let me help you with this – NONE, NADA, ZILCH, ZIP, FAT CHANCE, BLAH!

SO – Americans were duped and we have been paying for it ever since. WHY did the DEMOCRATS even nominate this failure? We live in a SAD time if Obama is the Best that the Democrats can offer us.

Voting for someone because they are from your STATE is one of the lamest things THIS voter have ever been told. When that person fails to prove themselves worthy, “lame” is the ONLY nice word I would use! We can continue with The Democrats and Obama, AND make our local contribution to failure of congress, the very unproductive Mazie Hirono, constantly lying about her opponent – and the PROVEN way of Democrats, buying votes via handouts! Continue that path OR we can replace them both with people who will work for our state and the recovery of our country!

Romney, Ryan & Lingle – moving forward!

* (The following two items are my words)


  1. Will the next four years be different than the last four? History suggests there is a chance. Presidents spend their first terms worried about getting re-elected. They spend their second terms worrying about their legacy. In his second term, Ronald Reagan worked with a Democratic Congress to rewrite the tax code (the last time this has been done). Bill Clinton alienated members of his party to work with Congressional Republicans to craft welfare reform.

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