Posted by: Frank | 11/06/2012

Time to Start THINKING Ahead!

The election is finally over and THANKFULLY all the campaign garbage stops!!

Now that the UNTHINKABLE has happened and we are stuck with Obamanation for 4 more years, we need to move on!

MY first task is to go out tomorrow and clean off MOST of the bumper stickers on the tailgate of my truck. All but two of the Obama stickers no longer apply, I need to make room for some new stuff.

Thinking AHEAD – what does that tell you? It tells me that since I was NOT happy with my choices this time around I want to hear someone come up with an alternative that takes people like me – and there are millions of us – and gives US a ‘party’ that we can believe in AND vote for!

The fact that the Election is over is just the beginning. I believe it is time for the Republicans to wake up and start proving they have the ability to become something better. The SIMPLE goal is to ‘outfox the fox”! It’s NOT a battle, it’s a mindset and when the Repubs figure it out, the ‘left’ will be left out! Four more years of a clueless President gives the ‘right’ four years to work on the goal, to prepare – and this time get it right! 

There is NO doubt in MY mind and MILLIONS of others that Obama was the WORST of the two choices we had. Not much we can do about it now but we CAN plan for 2016 if we get off our butts!

If you are NOT happy with what happened on November 6 2012 and actually think about it, things could get worse! Recall that Obama kept avoiding the issue of Benghazi and the murder of our embassador and three others during the terrorist attack. If the investigation continues like it should, it COULD lead to an impeachment of Obama. This wouldn’t make millions of Americans unhappy until they realize that Biden would step into the office of President. Think about that for a while my friends!

We also never got the answers to “Fast and Furious” and who is responsible for that farce! Again, we could end up with Obama being impeached and Biden in the driver’s seat! That is one scary scenario!

I don’t know about the rest of you but I am NOT getting any younger and would REALLY like to see some kind of a real alternative to our present system before I “bite the big one”!!

What do we do if Biden is also implemented in all these problems and he to is impeached! We could end up with Senator Dan Inouye, An old bleeding heart liberal from Hawaii who has lost all common sense! Which would be a major disaster!

So, this is the first of my blogs that should get you thinking.  Get off your butts and put your heads together. You can actually look at the Green Party Platform and use much of it as a starting point.

Think hard folks, our politician Democrats are NOT the friends of the poor, needy, helpless, homeless or anyone else on the lower end of the scale. They pretend to “Help” by giving ‘free’ things to those in need. It’s a long-standing joke of the politicians, keep providing things that keep the poor happy and they will in turn keep their mouths shut and vote as you direct them. Obama’s election is the latest prime example of this at it’s finest!

Time to get started my friends!

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