Posted by: Frank | 11/13/2012

What’s “POSITIVE” about Hawaii?

Many people live in a fantasy world of their own making. I like to THINK I don’t. That said, I moved to Hawaii with my own ‘fantasy’ in mind and over the years have had it shattered. It IS an interesting place to live and there ARE good things about it I’m just not sure which holds the most weight today.

I was taught that when you talk to people about their performance that you are to cover the good or positive things first. THEN you hit them with the stick!

Well, this is going to be tough because I (personally) think there is a lot more NEGATIVE than POSITIVE about our lovely State!

  1. It IS a lovely place to VISIT.
  2. People are, for the most part, friendly.
  3. Sights and sounds like no other place on earth.
  4. “Small town atmosphere”.
  5. Good food.
  6. Good hiking.
  7. Secluded from the Mainland.
  8. A few great Beaches.
  9. Nice for Surfers.
  10. Good snorkeling.
  11. Very own Volcano.
  12.  boasts 11 of the 13 climate zones.
  13. On average the weather is good.
  14. Great stopping spot for trips further West.

So, wow, Off the top of my head, that’s about it!

Anyone think of anything else?  I’m interested!


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