Posted by: Frank | 11/20/2012

Can Republicans Fix THEIR Problems?


Let’s start this update with some new FACTS!

When I first wrote this particular Blog post, the 2012 elections had ended with a crushing blow to Republicans across our nation. As with many of my fellow Republicans I was more than a little upset. Living in Hawaii, one of our most beautiful States, I was particularly disappointed that the people of my state actually elected Mazie Hirono to the Senate. She is dumber than my pet rock yet the folks here put her into one of our most important legislative positions. There is no account for what the people of our country will fall for. Ignorance is not something that just one person can lay claim to, it is overwhelming in our society today..

Today we need to realize that being ‘hard Right’ is NOT the way to win an election!

Fixing the “Party”

Opinions are free and often times unwanted. Regardless, I have chosen to present mine via this document.

First, I am NO LONGER tying myself to the Republican party as long as they continue their losing path. I have been embarrassed for the last time. As far as the Tea Party, they often push their agenda at the cost of ‘The Party’ and it ends up with an unpleasant backlash if we are linked with them.

I will admit thought that I would rather support the TP than the OWS which has PROVEN to be a bunch of  left-wing clueless dupes ‘spontaneously’ assembled by the left as a “counter/balance” to the Tea Party. They often pretend to be one with the ‘common people’ but very visible support links these people close to their often inane ramblings of the typical liberal as well as the thoughts and actions of the Dems.

So, until the Republican Party gets its act together and once more supports progress and the well-being of Americans, I will be and ‘Independent”.

Do we need more proof that the Republican party is in need of some serious fixing than this last election? Proof that if conservatives are to be represented effectively,  the Republican party must take time to rethink what they are about and how to reverse the problem that they themselves have caused.

I can’t speak for other States but what I’ve seen in Hawaii makes me very upset. The people here are living in poverty, supported by the State on almost everything and ACTUALLY seem happy with the fact. That is the major reason why the Democrats are able to keep the people of this lovely State under their thumbs for the past 60 years is beyond comprehension. Why can’t Republicans show the people who having a life of their own is far better than being controlled by Dems, What are the Republicans doing wrong year after year?

In my not so humble Opinion, the first thing is to analyze what is wrong with the way Republicans are doing business and figure out how to correct it. And, for the record, we can’t take elections of 2010 has a sign that we still have a chance to make things right. If anything, 2012 should have proven to us that on the contrary, 2010 was just a short respite in an otherwise dismal past few years.

Again, it’s just my humble opinion that the Right extremists are a large part of the problem and if need be should be ‘thrown under the bus’ just as the Dems do with the Left Wing extremists. The Left has learned something that the Right hasn’t – you can live without the support of the extremists and WIN!

As I have said before, I strongly believe that Republican Party has brought this problem upon themselves. The hard right Republicans are so hung up on Abortion, Religion and Gays that they appear to have NOTHING to offer to the populous as a whole.

The Right needs to reach out to the minority groups, especially women, Blacks and Latinos, to educate them as to why the hand-outs and free stuff they are being promised by the ‘Left’ is keeping them dependent upon the government and not allowing them to lead a truly fulfilling and successful life.

Another problem that is unique to the ‘Right’ is that there is an over whelming desire to run a clean and civil campaign when the ‘left’ has NO qualms of running a dirty campaign. Dems have proven themselves fantastic liars and benders of the truth at National and State levels. If you look at the way the Obama campaign began attacking Gov Romney even before he was chosen as the Republican candidate.

It was also very evident in my current State, Hawaii when you analyze the attack Ads, the lies and half-truths that Mazie Hirono and her people kept posting, Ads against Lingle containing lies about the infamous ‘furlough Fridays. In comparison we watched Ads against Mazie, factual and truthful even as she protested against this easily substantiated truth. It was like night and day.

The Obama win should have awaken the The Party to the fact they are doing something REALLY wrong as a whole at the National level.  This election was a demonstration that we don’t understand the issues, aren’t reaching the voters that we need to and that we have a LONG way to go in fixing the problems and it will require a massive rethinking and a LOT of work to accomplish it.

In our State, Hawaii, it is even worse, the Hirono win should be a wake up call for Hawaii! She and her people ran a VERY dirty and VERY negative campaign. Part of which was to accuse Linda of running a negative campaign. Their tactics worked and Mazie ended up winning with a landslide.

Even though everyone knows that Mazie brought nothing to the table other than the promise to “Support Obama’s Jobs Bill” which, in the end would create LOW PAYING jobs. We don’t NEED more low paying jobs. In Hawaii we need jobs that will help generate bright futures and allow the workers to support their families. Mazie’s weak promise to bring thousands of tourist industry jobs to Hawaii is a sad joke that should have cinched the election for Linda Lingle. This should have been something the people of Hawaii could grasp onto, we do NOT need more LOW paying jobs, something we already have in abundance! This is NOT a great promise for Hawaiians, it’s terrible! Why can’t Hawaii break away from the MOLD created by Democrats and create some REAL jobs.

On the wider front, the Republican problem with “minorities” continues to grow because they (Republicans) do NOT adapt well to the needs of the population. Sadly, for them, when you put these groups together they are NO LONGER a minority.

Before I get into this next part, I want my readers to know that when I use the term, “Use The System” it doens’t necessarly mean a NEGATIVE thing. In an off beat way, this is a compliment to the ability of the people mentioned to addapt..

 1. Women have come a long way, they know what they want early in their lives and work hard to educate themselves, establishing relationships, making contacts as they climb the ladder and largely choose to go with the Dems because for reasons the Republicans can NOT fathom and as a whole, do not realize these women are a very REAL Power and have a REAL voice about things that concern women of ALL groups, including birth control, abortion and their rights as individuals. This is a group that Republicans SHOULD be able to identify with and make huge inroads with if they quit making stupid remarks and trying to shove their thoughts on abortion rights down their throats.

 2. Hispanics are some of the hardest workers that immigrate to America (whichever way they do it). They have close-knit families and know how to use ‘the system’ to get what they want and need. It is an important growing population and have made strong advances in our political fields. Once their initial goals are reached and they have  made the gains needed for fending for themselves, to the Republican chagrin, we find that they are still too often supporting DEM politicians. Be it because they feel they ‘owe’ the system/Dems for helping them or who knows what, is in part the key to their loyalty, something that doesn’t make sense to most of us. Why do Republicans have so much trouble here? Could it be we have a crummy immigration plan and NO plan in place to take care of illegals, something MOST Hispanics connect with.

 3. Blacks today are real good at using the system. For to long they have been ‘victims’ at least in their own minds and way two few show the ambition to stand up and make themselves noticed. They choose NOT to come out, work hard and get ahead. Those that don’t want to learn and earn continue life as they were taught and are totally dependent on DEM politicians or charity for their handouts. Those that have the inner desire WILL find a way to get educated, express their desires and needs and move into productive lives. Here we should be eager to help since we NEED productive individuals from this group to guide those others in need on a path that will help them become taxpayers and workers.

 4. Asians are one of the smartest groups and very good at using the ‘system’  to get their education then moving onto better things, getting good jobs, supporting their families and even moving into politics. One of my questions is why do they tie themselves or seemingly to support Dems more than Republicans? What are we missing here, do they just support whomever they feel would be to their benefit or serve their best interests. Is there a chance the Republicans can show them that they are the best choice?

While many people believe that it is a simple choice between being a LIBERAL or a CONSERVATIVE, when you actually stop and think about it, the informed people of today KNOW it isn’t that easy! Take the time, think it through, are you REALLY happy with what Obama and his goons have done to AMERICA – YOUR AMERICA? If you are small minded enough to approve of his meddling, you deserve what you get. If you have the guts to stand up and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, you will be contributing to a BETTER AMERICA!

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