Posted by: Frank | 11/28/2012


Because this is a public blog I will keep my words in the “G” range but it is TOUGH! This is NOT all about Obama and how stupid I think he is, it’s about MUCH more – it’s about what we should expect from a President, ANY President and the CONGRESS that WE elect!

OK, I KNOW the election is over and we are STUCK with this jerk for another four (4) years unless we get lucky and impeach him for one of the MANY things congress is looking into. BUT as we know, the votes haven’t ACTUALLY been cast by the Electoral College so there is a slim but REAL chance that we could dump the clown before he starts warming his chair again.

It’s been less than a month since Obama was re-elected by an ignorant majority (yup, my opinion) and the CLOWN is going on the CAMPAIGN TRAIL again – to talk a bunch of dimwit people into supporting his agenda – AGAIN, encouraging them to call write and “tweet” their representatives into voting for his garbage plans!

When is this IDIOT going to get to work himself and quit spending TAXPAYER dollars flying around the country acting like he knows what he’s doing!?

Could it be that our President is REALLY clueless (something I believe) and his administrators know it so they want him away from Washington during the negotiations for our new “fiscal cliff” problems?

When are the people who are so fond of Obama going to awaken to the joke that has been played upon them? We keep hearing about this “fiscal cliff” and the threats that of nonpayment of SS & Military pay checks, what kind of shit is this from our PRESIDENT? What kind of MORON is this man?

I’m not a FAN of Congress and even LESS of a fan of the man PLAYING at being President of this great country! I think it is WAY PAST TIME for the people to tell this clown and CONGRESS to get off their respective ASSES AND DO THE RIGHT THING!

The “BUCK” should START and STOP at the President! SO – time to call, write some letters, send Email, Twitter, TXT or any other means of communication you can think of to our PRESIDENT and representative’s in Congress and tell them NO DAMN PAY OR BENEFITS UNTIL YOU GET A BUDGET AND STOP THE INSANITY! No more spending without paying for it, fix the problems with SS and Medicare and quit playing politics!

And, even then, they need to be part of our Health plan, SS and re-work their retirement plan to be more in line with others in the “corporate” field.

Our GOVERNMENTS  way of doing business needs to change which means as well that the PEOPLE THAT ARE ELECTED – by us – TO REPRESENT OUR GOALS AND DESIRES as Americans need to adapt and adjust their thinking!

In simple words – WAKE UP YOU DAMN CLOWNS – find some “Cohunes” and get to work!


  1. I just got a comment from an idiot regarding my blog post. all nasty words and insults as usual from the LEFT! It was in fact, typical liberal shit that we hear all the time if we, as individuals, decide to exercise our FREEDOM OF SPEACH and let people know we don’t like their “lord and savior” Obama. It was offensive and insulting enough for me to trash it and quite the norm from ranting Obama supporters.

    The individual even took offense with my tag “black” EVEN THOUGH Obama claims to be black, Dems claim he’s black, Liberals claim he’s black and the Left Wing-Nuts claim he’s black!

    It seem that I, a WASP, can’t point out he claims to be black , without being a ‘racist’! It is amazing just how many idiots claim to be “liberals”!

    Icing on the cake – anonymous post, no name and a bogus Email – takes a LOT of guts doesn’t it!

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