Posted by: Frank | 12/03/2012

Freedom Of Speech vs Liberal Agenda

Another update to ‘freedom of speech’!

Four days ago we ‘celebrated the 12th Anniversary of a horrific time in American History. 9/11 was one of the most tragic days our country has once more survived! Around our country there were many acknowledgements to this terrible event. One such was a ‘bikers rally’ in Washington D.C.  The Internet was awash with stories about this historic event but the Lame Street Liberal Media virtually ignored it.

If you had doubts about The Media and their devotion to Obama, this act of ignorance should squelch those doubts.


This is NOT my first post about “Freedom of Speech” yet it deserves another visit because there are so many out there that forget that our Military Members are fighting today and have fought for HUNDREDS of years for people like I’m talking about today to have the RIGHT to act and talk like some insane lunatic!

So, will someone kindly tell me why Liberals of todays society have such a problem with free speech, especially when it comes to talking about Obama? Does it have something to do with the fact we have a President that has NO accomplishments to his name and many of us have pointed that small fact out over and over. Does this tidbit make these poor slobs so uncomfortable about their beloved ‘savior’ that they will do and say anything just to hide their discomfort or disgust in the person THEY elected?

In my last blog I commented on Obama AND congress! Anyone reading it might get the idea I DON’T LIKE OBAMA! That is a FAIR assumption and I have never tried to hide it. Of course THEIR interpretation of WHY I don’t like him is ALWAYS the same (goes for anyone that doesn’t like the ‘clueless wonder’) is that “I’m Racist”!  I can’t just dislike him because he’s a clueless Flimflam wizard that has conned millions of Americans into believing his inane diatribe!

One anonymous clown replied to my blog post with: 

“wealthy arrogant a$$holes like you are the f**king reason why America is f**ked up to begin with. Shut the f**k up about Obama you fucked up Haole. not to mention one of the tags for this being “black” — f**king biased racist.”

One of my questions to this person and others – aren’t Obama and his supporters always touting the fact that HE IS BLACK (even though he is only partially black)? SO, why is a TAG on a BLOG using one ‘keyword’ as “Black” a bad thing?

I do take exception with the “wealthy” comment and IT by itself proves this person does NOT know me at all! By any standard I know, this DIMWIT has lost control, has doubts about his/her own belief/choice, is way to insecure about themselves and has a REAL issue with him/herself!

NOTE – because this individual did not have the cohunes to stand up for themselves and their thoughts by posting their name, as I DO, I don’t know if they are a man or woman. Likely a man but I have heard women swear like ‘longshoremen’ from time to time.

Most likely all they things this ‘person’ accused me of are laying just below the surface of their own personality. It’s truly sad that people like this can’t accept constructive criticism or comments without flying into a hate filled rage!

Our country was built by people who weren’t afraid to stand up for what they believe. This past election, even though won by the Obama GANG, showed the rest of America that over 59,133,398 people in our country DO NOT LIKE OBAMA and what he is doing to our country!

To individuals with and ounce of common sense and BRAINS instead of uncontrolled hatred – these votes against Obama weren’t “hateful, racist, bias, bigoted or nasty in ANY way, they are the SIMPLE fact that MILLIONS of American CAN NOT BE INTIMIDATED or beguiled, be it by big smiles, meaningless words, false Ads, money or implied benefits!

For the record – ANY AND ALL civil replies or remarks get posted!

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