Posted by: Frank | 12/18/2012

Merry Christmas Hank!

Aloha My Friend,

With Christmas days away it’s tough this year not sending you a card even though we knew from past experience that we would never get one back.

I find it both interesting and amusing that you are still part of my life! You do know that it’s because of YOU that I am tolerant of Liberals – right? We had enough talks about that and you were one of the few that actually listened to my opinions, as I did yours. While we didn’t always agree, there was always room for compromise.

As I was on my morning walk I saw “you” once again! No, I KNOW it wasn’t REALLY you, but since I forgot my glasses this morning it SURE SEEMED LIKE YOU! You waved and I waved back but we both kept on walking and you were soon out of sight.

These past few months it has been a chore to NOT smile or be sad when I find photos of you or “see you” walking down the street or in a store!

I told Martha on Sunday about seeing “you” as we left Bubba Gump’s after breakfast. It had been a great walk and I was feeling good after our talk about our upcoming Vacation. As we left the restaurant and walked by the gentleman (you) he happened to look up and for some strange reason he smiled, YOUR smile!

I checked quickly to make sure my zipper wasn’t undone, remembering as I did that I didn’t have a zipper!

Well my friend, it’s been way too long and I need to wake up and accept the idea you are no longer here to share a beer with, be chided in fun, picked on, called, visited or chatted with. This will likely be my last note to you since I’m reasonably sure you aren’t reading them. If I’m wrong, feel free to let me know… A simple response will do, I’m open minded.

So, wherever you are my friend, I hope you have a swell Christmas and are spreading joy to those around you!

Have a VERY Merry Christmas!


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