Posted by: Frank | 12/19/2012

Guns in America!

There is NO doubt that the recent tragedy in Sandy Hook Connecticut is just that, a tragedy!

Could it have been stopped?

Could the children, more of them, have been saved?

If a gun wasn’t available would he have found another way to get his 15 minutes of fame?

If the media didn’t splash these incidents all over the TV, Newspapers and Magazines would it stop?

Who was at fault?

Armed guards in schools – WHY NOT?

Whenever something like this happens – NOT THAT OFTEN – the lunatics come out of the woodwork and start screaming and yelling about TOUGHER GUN CONTROL and taking guns away from law-abiding Americans!

A quote from a West Hawaii Today writer:

Homicide rates in the other 22 highest income nations are one-seventh as much. That means that more than 27,000 additional people die each year in the U.S. than if the NRA did not exist and our gun laws were like all the other civilized nations’.

Of course he fails to say who they are or anything about the populations of these other ‘Nations’ or any other statistics so we can have some REAL numbers to evaluate.

He, like so many others look at something terrible and instantly RUSH to “correct” the problem THEIR way! The NRA promotes gun SAFETY AND COMMON SENSE, NOT MASS MURDER!

Perhaps the same rash decisions and emotional mentality should be used to ‘BAN TROPICAL STORMS OR HURRICANE’S’ from hitting our coasts? How’s that gonna work for you?

Perhaps we can even put a BAN on Serial Killers! Few of these ‘insane’ people EVER use guns! Have you ever looked up THAT statistic? Try it!

OK folks, time to feel the pain for those that lost family, it’s a pain we all hope we will never feel!  

BUT, all this said and done, As long as there is an AMERICA we, AS AMERICANS, will have our guns! They can try to pass laws, liberals can look down their noses at us but we are not going to give them up, GUNS ARE HERE TO STAY!

I don’t know the answers or how to really fix the ‘problem’ but I DO know there are safety measures we can take including when a person that OWNS a gun has trigger locks, or if they keep it locked up in a gun safe there is much less chance that some dimwit will take the gun and go out a shoot someone!

Those of us that OWN and RESPECT guns are not all mass murderers or even potential murders! We obey the laws, keep our weapons safe and are saddened, same as you when we see something like this happen! The largest per cent of us have NEVER fired our weapons in anger! And – if we ever had a major situation in America, the LEFT WING NUTS would be running around trying to find people with guns to protect them!

America survives tragedy, it’s the way we are, check who we have for leaders if you don’t believe me, we WILL survive!

 in god we trust


  1. It’s not a correct assumption (but the NRA like to claim it anyway). The problem with gun violence in USA is that “normal” people sometimes buy guns, own them for some time, and then something goes wrong with their psyche. They snap and either shoot themselves or someone else. Unscrupulous media “crusaders” (not only in the US, it happens in Europe too) use such cases to rant about how guns are evil – yet when it comes to murder-suicide cases where no firearm was used, the same media crusaders have nothing to say.

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