Posted by: Frank | 01/12/2013

NOT about who’s “RIGHT or LEFT”!


OK folks, TAKE YOUR PICK!  What do you THINK you are?  If you don’t go along with any of these definitions, please feel free to send me a comment on what YOU think works for you!

Is this YOUR definition of a “Liberal”?  –  “The belief that liberalism should include social justice and that the legitimate role of the state includes addressing issues such as unemployment, health care, education, and the expansion of civil rights.”

Or YOUR definition of a “Democrat”?   “One who believes in social equality or discounts distinctions in rank more – liberal of two major U.S. political parties.”

Or YOUR idea of a “Republican”?   “having the supreme power lying in the body of citizens entitled to vote for officers and representatives responsible to them or characteristic of such government.”

Or YOUR idea of an “Independent”?  “not influenced or controlled by others in matters of opinion, conduct, etc.; thinking or acting for oneself.”

MANY of us believe that we are a part of all of the above. I believe that each group of people mentioned have positive things, contributions to/for our country.

If you want to start at the top, Obama tells us he has a handle on things EVEN THOUGH anyone with average intelligence knows he has NOT A CLUE on  what’s happening in the world, let alone what to do about our fiscal problems! Below is a PRIME example from his own people!

NOW that they have put a bandage on the “Fiscal Cliff” and 77% of Americans are seeing A TAX HIKE, something the Clown-In-Chief said would NEVER HAPPEN, how are you feeling about your November Vote??

Although we are not unique, In Hawaii, we have one major problem which has been a thorn in the side of Hawaii, her people AND, as a result, our country for years. Having our ‘at home’ legislation controlled by Unions and Democrat puppets plus all Dem congressmen and Senators in Washington puts us in an unfortunate position of having voice only when a Democrat is our President.

Prior to the sad demise of Senator Inouye, As pointed out by one of his own, Senator Daniel Inouye hoped to return to work on Capitol Hill  for the first time since fainting in his office a few weeks ago due to oxygen supply issues with his portable unit.

Meanwhile, a new article in “The Hill” around the same time reported that Inouye was under pressure to give up his appointment as Chair of the powerful Appropriations Committee. The paper quotes an unnamed Democratic Senator, who reportedly said the Committee has been run by Inouye’s staff for almost 7 years. The Senator had been a member of the Senate for 50 years, which many see as a source of ‘pride’ where as MANY of the rest of us see it is a simple power grab/play!

If you have seen the RECENT News, you’ve figured out that Dan is NO Longer an issue. His passing is sad but in reality, he should have never been in office for 50 years to begin with. Our SYSTEM is seriously broken and needs to be fixed. There is a point where ‘serving your Country’ and serving yourself are two different paths, it’s sad that Dan never figured that out! He, through his own sense of ‘self worth’ or whatever HE wanted to call it, has left his ‘beloved State’ in a position where many programs are depending on the “PORK” that he was able to funnel to his friends on island. We are looking at two junior (Dem) Senators,  ONE of which is totally clueless, the other we don’t know as of this Post, serving us instead of the possibly that one could have had 15/20 years of experience if he had the sense to retire years ago.

With all due respect to this mans Military Service, he should have retired LONG AGO! When 2010 he ran again in Hawaii, many people, including myself, thought he should retire rather than go back to Washington but he was too vain, stubborn (or power-hungry) to let a younger person have his seat. At the time I advocated that if he did indeed “pass” during his term that his estate should pay for the special election that it would require to replace him. I STILL advocate that!
You’ve heard this before and will hear it again, from me at least, if there was ever a case for TERM LIMITS, Dan Inouye should be the Poster Child. NOW we, in Hawaii be forced to put up with Abercrombie’s choice until they have a special election in less than two years to get a New Senator, something that Hawaii can ill afford in these troubled times. As I said before, something that career politicians don’t like hearing – TERM LIMITS!
“Inouye’s success at directing federal funds to the state made him a staunch defender of Congress’ spending authority and earmarks, prompting criticism for some as a proponent of pork.”  An easily found quote!
We in Hawaii know this as fact and know that many of his friends became rich because of his skills at bringing taxpayer dollars to Hawaii. People in HI liked the Senator because he didn’t seem to care about taxpayers in general, only his ‘home’ and his pet projects, making friends rich, some worthy, some NOT! He gave a strong appearance of being power-hungry and it was WAY past time for  him to do the honorable thing and step down.
YES, Hawaii is likely better off due to his talent at diverting hundreds of Millions of TAXPAYER DOLLARS, but does that make it right? Cutting down on Federal funding, cuts down on needed tax receipts from individuals and States which in turn allows the States to use their OWN tax dollars to do the same things they cry to the Feds for!
So – when are the people of Hawaii going to awaken and begin making sensible choices that will ACTUALLY help her?? My thought – DON’T HOLD YOUR BREATH!!

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