Posted by: Frank | 01/24/2013

POT! Does ANYONE have a clue?


For the record, I REALLY don’t have anything against POT or POT Heads! That said, being bobble heads and passing legislation in Hawaii or anywhere else – “because the other guy is doing it” is about the dumbest things legislators can do.

Adults all over our country chastise their children because THEY do things their friends do rather than thinking for themselves. So, what’s the difference here? Hawaii legislators want to pass a stupid law “because Colorado & Washington did it and others are going to. In my opinion the “let’s be first” without doing their homework is NOT the correct way for an issue as important as this.

Passing a law that will effect EVERY MAN, WOMAN AND CHILD in our State to appease a few pot heads and “put money in our coffers” is not the best way of doing something like this.

Hawaii could actually set an example but I doubt our legislators have the brains or ability to do it right!

If your legislators are actually serious about this YOU, the PUBLIC, need to stand up – stand up for yourselves and your children! Demand that they do the testing, come up with some rules, ways to check/test for people under the influence. If YOU don’t DEMAND this and YOUR child or family member is KILLED OR MAIMED by a driver under the influence of POT, YOU ARE AT FAULT as much as the person that did it.

AND, before you pot heads jump up and down celebrating this idiotic decision, ask yourself a few simple questions that could ACTUALLY save YOUR life of the lives of someone in your family or friends.

If anyone should know what it’s like to be influenced by Marijuana, YOU would. Ask How much research has gone into finding out the AMOUNT of pot you can use before you are ‘legally high’ or how much you use when you are no longer in position of your own common sense.

“Legalizing Marijuana for anyone over 21 – will “bring more money into the State coffers”!  SO, of course THIS law will STOP under age (our children) from using – Much as taking guns away from honest citizens will stop gun crime in America!

I imagine it will also make it easier for Abercrombie to sneak a toke now and again without the fear of getting caught – OH and when Obama visits he won’t have to hide behind his Secret Service when he lights one up.

Why don’t these clowns legalize Gambling or Prostitution or White Slavers? Great money in all of those and you don’t have to worry about them driving under the influence!

What a bunch of idiots – BUT HEY FOLKS – YOU VOTED THEM

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  1. I love this island, I find the aloha spirit all over the island. I think you just need to move, Texas might be your cup of tea.

    • Obviously Will, you didn’t/don’t READ my posts or just pay attention to what you want to. If you did, you would know that I too love this island but if you are happy with ‘business as usual’ and YOU think we have some serious problems you may have a bit of a problem yourself, should look into it.

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