Posted by: Frank | 01/25/2013

What’s “PARADISE” Really about?


Let me preface this with the FACT any of my readers should know by now:

THIS IS MY OPINION AND DOES NOT SUGGEST NOR NEED THE AGREEMENT OF OTHERS. If I don’t speak up, who will? It doesn’t take much effort to find that people here just ‘go with the flow’ even when it’s full of turds. Someone needs to stand up!

The IDEA of “Paradise” sounds good doesn’t it? When you aren’t living in Hawaii full-time, it’s always a major pleasure to come back and ‘live the life’ for a few weeks or months. The escape from your ‘normal’ life is a real lift to most people, they don’t constantly live with and see what is going on in our community.

I hope you’ve read my Blog about what’s GOOD about Hawaii before you read this one.  I admit it was short and to the point but I can promise this one will be longer. Living in Hawaii full-time is FAR from living in Paradise. There is a lot of hard work involved, expenses you don’t count on, a community that oft-times is hard to understand and adapt to.

But, for those that are just thinking of establishing themselves in Hawaii it does sound good. And if you aren’t here and are just  looking for something new and exciting it’s a fun place to visit.

One of the sad things that welcomes visitors but is NOT something we are proud of is  the very visible effect of the properties managed by our major Kona slum lord “Uncle Billy” has long-term leases on his properties and does very little to keep them in good repair. His properties are eyesores that are often overlooked by visitors but WE have to see daily.

Watching Bill O’Reilly a few nights ago then seeing/hearing Rep Hanabusa making a sorry attempt at explaining a bunch of ridiculous and lame excuses about “family” being so important when due to the continued dominance of the Democrats, the Families she is talking about are living in poverty and have little hope of breaking out. What she and the dim wits like her working for the State government does is try and throw money at the problem as a Band-Aid instead of fixing it. I tend to question why after all these years ‘families’ have not adapted to the new environment thrust upon them.

Perhaps I should comment that as a visitor of 20+ years, before moving here, I chose to ignore the “bad” things (that I’m about to list) regarding this State and just enjoy the “good”. It was easy since I didn’t really have a vested interest until 8 years ago. Now I’ve seen it for myself and don’t find it quite like “paradise”! Things many people don’t know that we in Hawaii have:

  1. High rate of Drug abuse
  2. High rate of Alcohol abuse
  3. A High rate of death on our highways (Alcohol/drug related often)
  4. To much Welfare & welfare abuse
  5. High Poverty level (seemingly encouraged by the Democrats)
  6. Government induced (by liberals) dependence (Federal & State)
  7. Government corruption (politicians with their hands out and more)
  8. Unions contributing to corruption and doing little to fix our problems except demand higher pay and perks.
  9. School system that need MAJOR reform
  10. High cost of living (food, housing, insurance, gas, etc.) because of transportation costs and taxes
  11. G.E.T. a tax on your whole life in Hawaii (effective rate around 12%)
  12. Way to many smokers  (often due to stress and quality of life)
  13. VOG (hard to blame this on anyone – Mother Nature is weird)
  14. Young people leaving in droves  – lack of work and less than desirable environment.
  15. Age of consent (16) and too many under the age of 18 pregnancies
  16. Single girls (under 18) raising children and receiving State (Taxpayer) assistance.
  17. The “people of Hawaii” seem as if they are in a continual fight against progress.
  18. Almost total dependence on tourist industry – not much interest in attracting other…
  19. Way to many low paying jobs  – duh – tourist industry..
  20. State under a corrupt single party rule for over 50 years.
  21. The “Aloha Spirit” has been diluted and sometimes hard to find.

There is more and you can see that some are about the same and you COULD SAY don’t count. If you are doing that then you are NOT seeing my point! There are so many good things about being here yet there are a lot of problems that should be addressed and it seems that nobody in power or even the people of Hawaii care to fix them. Those that DO care keep getting slapped down by those that DON’T want change or any attempt escape from the ‘old ways’!

Obviously I knew this was a “Democrat/Liberal” State when we moved here but at that time we had a Republican Governor and there was at least some hope that Hawaii was lifting up her skirts and her people were at last realizing the Union/Democrat stranglehold was not in the best interest of their future.

The election of Abercrombie, an Anti war protester and drug user, proved that I was wrong. The  continual support by the people of Hawaii for the likes of Lazy Mazie Hirono (who brags that she worked a deal to exclude Hawaii from Obamacare, much to the sadness of NON-UNION workers on the islands), Colleen Hanabusa, Dan Inouye (a war hero and at ONE TIME a good legislator) and not to mention our Anti war protester and druggie Gov Neil Abercrombie, goes a long way towards telling anyone that pays attention that Hawaii has a LONG way to go before she actually awakens.

Of course we mustn’t forget the support of a clueless lying Pot user from Hawaii’ elected not once, but twice to be our President!

The ‘moral’ of this post is really quite simple. Look past the surface when anything seems too good to be true.

AND, for the record, even though I’ve listed many reasons to ‘shun’ Hawaii, I would be hard pressed to think of a place I would rather live. Her people are a good people and I’ve made many ‘friends’ since moving here.  If they seem to be a bit misguided by over 50 years of Union/Democratic suppression, blame the suppressors not the people.

FINAL NOTE: Our legislators in their “Devine wisdom” are talking about raising the G.E.T. tax and legalizing Marijuana. I’m betting that they have NOT done the research to discover the actual effects of Pot when it comes to driving, using heavy machinery or any other dangerous jobs. Their legislation is NOT going to protect the children of Hawaii nor will it close down the numerous Pot farms around the islands. It reality it will  only legalize the use of Pot by people who have been abusing it most of their lives and are trying to justify it and give the crooks the ability to recruit more users and increase sales with a LOT less worry of prosecution.

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