Posted by: Frank | 01/27/2013

For the People of Hawaii – there is ALWAYS a choice!

The new year has barely begun and our Hawaiian Legislators have gone far beyond anything we’ve expected to show just how clueless and worthless they truly are.
Do I believe for a moment that all politicians (speaking mostly about Dems in Hawaii of course) are arrogant and think more of themselves than the people – NO – but OURS seem to be the exception!
In a few short weeks they prove that they could care less about the people here and just plan on doing things their own way regardless the harm it may do to the people that hired them.
My question to all that read this is why do your DEMOCRAT legislators treat the people of Hawaii like idiots?? The second part to the question – why do the people let them get away with it, time and again!
1. You’ve likely heard they wish to raise the minimum wage – good points and bad points to this. They need to think this though and talk to local business before making any decision.
2. The want to legalize POT – good points and bad points here also. Have they any statistical data to support the idea that “Weed does little or no harm”? Or anything on the LONG TERM AFFECTS?
3. They plan to raise the G.E.T. TAX – LIKE OUR PEOPLE AREN’T BURDENED ENOUGH and visitors will be paying more for their stay and may cut down on the length of stay.  Also, it will effect every living person on our islands and help NULIFY the raise in …minimum wage – FACT – NOT GOOD!
4. They want to TAX ‘sugar’ drinks – which again affects tourists AND which will affect a LARGE portion of our Hawaiian population – again eating into the ‘raise’ in pay.
5. They wish to make gun owning even harder than it currently is – we have FEW gun related problems and currently have some of the toughest laws in the nation – is this more out of FEAR rather than common sense?
In conclusion – MY OPINION is that we have some of the dumbest, most corrupt legislators in the USA and the people of Hawaii let them get away with everything they do.
Once again I point out, opinions and Butts – we all have them.


  1. Aloha,
    Remember victims of Radiation Exposure caused by of all people the
    USA. They are not responsible and fail to provide medical assistance
    for what they did. 1962 Johnston Island was a nuclear test site and
    later used as a disposal site for all kinds of military weapons. I know
    I was a victim and I am still waiting.

    Our Congressional reps do not respond, I guess they don’t care!

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