Posted by: Frank | 02/07/2013

Why are our Legislators IRRESPONSIBLE?!?

Actually, they are RESPONSIBLE for what they do to the people of Hawaii and our lifestyle but we don’t hold their feet to the fire for the stupid stuff they do!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE DEMOCRATS THAT RUIN (yes I meant ruin) THIS STATE? I know, I’ve asked this before and haven’t gotten a satisfactory answer but I’m NOT going to stop asking.

We listen to the news over the past few weeks, open our news paper and all we see is Tax this, Tax that, Raise this Tax, Raise that Tax!

Create a “Sugar Tax” to fight being FAT!  How about the parents taking the responsibility of cutting back on the sugar their kids get. Why should everyone be punished for something that doesn’t have anything to do with them.

Raise G.E.T. by one percent! We that live here and everyone that comes to visit now pay an effective tax rate of 11% across the board because of the tax structure and if they raise it, we go to around 14%

Raise T.A.T. the tax they charge people staying in hotels in our State. Currently 13.25% and they want to raise it by 1%. Are they trying to keep people from visiting Hawaii by having the highest room tax in the nation. When are people going to say enough is enough and quit coming to Hawaii because they are paying 25% extra in taxes to visit our State.

Why don’t we hear our LEGISLATORS talking about ways to CUT TAXES and spending??

How much do they think the People of Hawaii can OR SHOULD BE TAXED??

While “teachers, parents and a group called Parents for Public Schools Hawaii are promoting raising this tax in an effort to divert more money to the teachers ie: Unions instead of figuring out how to use the funds they get more effectively and looking at long-term costs to the system, let’s just raise taxes again!

Happily, not everyone is in the boat,  It seems that we have at least ONE sane person, Lowell Kalapa, President of the Tax Foundation of Hawaii. At least HE has the common sense to realize what kind of burden this 1% would put on our residents.

Between the power of the UNIONS and their CONTROL over the DEMOCRATS IN OFFICE coupled with our ex-hippy pot smoking Governor and a PRESIDENT that has NO desire to cut back on FEDERAL spending, what chance do the people of Hawaii have at a fair and reasonable government and a decent way of life in our beautiful State.

One serious problem is that we do not pay attention when the elections come around. I have talked with a BUNCH of my friends, both online and in person, and found out that in this last election, MANY people didn’t vote – not for anyone!! One reason was that they just didn’t like the choices – that means Obama or Romney. Their logic was since they didn’t like either candidate, why vote. They failed to see what Obama is doing to our country so in effect, by not voting for the ‘other guy’ let him back in to do more damage for another four years.

My final question is WHY ARE THEY THINKING OF RAISING ANY TAXES?!? Even our tax and spend Governor admits our revenue is up due to higher tourists rate than expected in 2012.

My request – WAKE UP PEOPLE – YOU can make a difference just by sending email, letters or even calling the clowns that are slipping it to us daily!

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