Posted by: Frank | 02/21/2013

Hawaii Legislators – CLUELESS!

Do the People of Hawaii realize that they ACTUALLY hire our Legislators? If you do, then you must realize that you can also FIRE them when they aren’t doing a good job!!

If you have read the newspaper this morning then you know that Once more our Legislators show us that they have NOT CLUE regarding the real problems Of Hawaii!

The ‘headline’ today stated that They (our legislators) again work on new legislation for Gun Control when “gun violence” is NOT a real problem on our Islands. Obviously our LESS than esteemed legislators don’t know the facts or just choose to ignore them:

“VPC (Violence Policy Center) Statistics show that in Hawaii, household gun ownership is estimated at 9.7 percent, lower than any other state. The reduced number of guns translates directly into a gunfire death rate of only 2.2 per 100,000 residents.” If you read a bit further you will read, “Hawaii is ranked 5th out of 50 – having enacted some of the strongest gun violence prevention laws in the nation.”

SO, with this in mind, why are our Legislators wasting time and proposing wasting MORE taxpayer money trying to enact MORE control when it obviously is NOT needed?

For the people of Hawaii, our problems are quite simple yet continually ignored by our people in office! Mix a high cost of living, way too many people on welfare and out of work, welfare abuse, High medical costs, childcare abuse (Homes CLAIMING to care for multiple children to get extra money), benefit packages for State workers, Issues with our schools (that MONEY will NOT fix), job creation, taxes way to high (and they want to raise them).

Perhaps our legislators should resign and allow some new faces with new ideas take over their jobs. Faces that aren’t controlled by Unions and a Democrat regime that has run Hawaii into the ground!

OH, but wait, they get funded by the rich they’ve helped and voted back into office time and again by the people they cater to. What chance do we have of making REAL progress ? Not much!


Perhaps our Legislators are the Monkeys!


  1. Has this always been true?

    • If you are asking a serious question – YES, since the Dems/Unions came into power there has been a clear path of cronyism, nepotism, favoritism and corruption that is still in effect today.

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