Posted by: Frank | 03/23/2013

The Rest Of Our Lives!

O.K. I admit that when it comes to terrorists, North Korea or Iran, I am one that would’ve been happy to “Nuke Them Until They Glow”!

We’ve all seen the movies, shook our heads, maybe laughed at the zombies and scoffed at the idea of a “REAL” nuclear war! If you actually lived in the 50’s & 60’s you might remember the drills at school and the fear that “IT” could happen any day! Russia was going to bomb us or we them, it was a fact of life!

Here in Hiroshima – Well, today I saw the results of just ONE tiny bomb and it made me sick!! As I walked through the ruins, then the museum and watched the videos and stories of some of the survivors and looked at the images on the walls, my heart hurt!

Although I could never be one to wave signs saying “ban the bomb” I can say with heart felt sincerity that I truly hope America never again has to use a “nuke” to prove any kind of point to another country OR the world that we are “the big dog” and could/will turn you into radioactive dust!

All the leaders of all countries and all terrorist groups AND anyone else that thinks using a NUkE is a good idea just to make a point, should be forced to go to Hiroshima and view the photos, listen to the people who lived through it, see the destruction! If after all of that they still believe nuclear weapons are the answer, throw them in prison for the rest of their lives… OR submit them to massive doses of radiation until their skin drips from their bodies! Let them experience the pain an suffering first hand, recording it for the next idiot that comes along and wants to start WWIII!

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