Posted by: Frank | 05/18/2013

Fuel Oil and Natural Gas In Hawaii!

If you currently live on the beautiful islands of Hawaii, you are aware of some very simple facts!

OK people, I want you to do me a favor – I want ALL of you that think we, ON HAWAII can EVER be energy INDEPENDENT FROM THE USE OF FOSSIL FUELS – to raise their hands!  Up higher folks, I’m NOT seeing all that many hands!

Now that I see that MOST of you do NOT believe the crap our legislators keep telling us, I would like to see some feedback as to WHY we still have these legislators in office feeding the people the same lines of garbage again and again. 

WOW – the silence is almost deafening!

I have posted time and again – the Democrats are NOT your friends. They care about ONE thing, getting re-elected, and will do whatever it takes to do just that. The promises, the lies, all their effort to retain their positions of power OVER YOU!

If in fact you LIVE in Hawaii you MUCST KNOW THAT are a captive audience with little or no control over our own fate, largely do to Legislation that was passed long ago – called “The Jones Act” passed in 1920.

Our legislators refuse to do anything to change the rules to help out the very people they are paid to serve! Union leaders tend to sling garbage about how Union jobs would be in peril if restrictions were lifted.  The high cost of fuel on our islands is directly related to the cost of shipping the crude oil to us.

When working with noncontiguous jurisdictions of Alaska, Guam and Puerto Rico, the Jones Act slaps restrictions on us that put us to the mercy of the Unions and shipping companies.

Being at the mercy of Unions and the Democrat pawns is costing us tens of millions of dollars via the higher costs of goods and services delivered via the high cost of shipping plus the tariffs we get stuck paying because the State loves to tax us for everything!

We hear from these same legislators that they want to make Hawaii achieve 70% clean energy by 2030.  As long as this is talking about POWER it could work. If they start talking about fuel for our transportation needs then they are nuttier than fruit cakes!

We are currently stuck with a 10% ethanol fuel that cuts the performance of our vehicles and screws us when it comes to mileage. Adding ethanol to our fuel was supported by BOTH parties and not enough people stood up and said HELL NO! 

NO Favor was provided to the American Public, NO benefit to our farmers, NO benefit to our world!

We all have a say on who represents us and what they do in our name. It should be time for everyone to stand up and do something about these atrocities and the only way to do that is with your vote! It’s time to wake up folks!

Most of us have internet service and/or phones with FREE long distance. USE those to voice your opinions or complaints, let our legislators know what YOU want, what YOU care about. Quit standing around like a bunch of uneducated fools that are happy with the bullshit shoved at you!

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    There are many different types of systems even one of several cesspool
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